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You're just saying that because you are a Slytherin, then again so am I so what the hell, I'll go with it.

I guess it is how you really look at it, we don't really meet a lot of Slythies in the books and the book is basically I guess Harry's P.O.V about people and events, therefore the Slytherins would seem two dimensional as he never tried to get to know them in the books.

However in the sixth and seventh books we do get to see another side of Draco Malfoy since Harry follows him around so much, we get to see how much he loves his parents and that he doesn't necessarily believe in everything that the Dark Lord is all about, in the seventh book we also see that hmm I don't know if this is the right word but he's compassionate and can be brave. In DH we also see the Malfoys as a loving family. So even though for most of the books those in Slytherin House do seem kind of two dimensional in the end we see that they can be different to how they appear. Snape's memories for example were a great way to show that not all is what it seems with the Slytherins. I think however that by the end of the series it was just too late to start giving all knew descriptions of characters that we know only to be mean, since their characterization would probably take up waayyy too many pages.
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