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I think its more the fact that we are seeing the story through the eyes of people that have been hugely affected by the atrocities of members who were in Slytherin. So right away the view of them is tainted by fear, anger and sorrow. The main character commentaries that we get - Harry, Dumbledore, The Weasley's and various members of the Order have ALL had their lives directly impacted. But so have many many others.

So that leads to the above mentioned feelings, and therefore not wanting to get to know them. The Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs can generally intermingle, but the Slytherins keep more to themselves. And the others like it that way.

I believe it is more the fact that the magical population's view of them is tainted and the mutual social separation - and therefore lack of depth due to our main characters not "knowing" them. This then organically wove its way into the story to produce what we have. Rather than JK making it a conscious decision to depict them that way. Instead, she let the characters tell it as they see it.

If that makes sense?
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