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Kat was going into hysterics. Screaming, crying, panicking, good thing she wasn't in Gryffindor, she would definitely give them a bad name. Her face went pale and she stared at Caspian wide-eyed and completely terrified. She was in a complete daze until she felt him take her arms and she frantically grabbed onto his. As he pulled her out, she heard his words and looked at him before breaking down and wrapping her arms around his neck burying her head in his chest. "Thank you..." She mumbled in between sobs.

Peter ran after Clarissa watching as Caspian pulled her out. He knelt beside Riss and could hear the worry in her voice. Without even thinking, he put a comforting hand on her back and looked towards Reepicheep. "What is underneath here? There must be a tunnel or cave or...or something for her to fall through like that."
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