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ooc: that's what I i said it's been a while since i've watched/read it lol

"nevermind..." Kat said smiling and shook her head. "You are a big strong, tall guy with a sword. You weren't exactly comforting when you talked. And there we were four little girls who were intimidated by you. Well, I was intimidated by you, the others not so much, and definitely not Riss." Her cheeks turned pink and she laughed lightly. "

"yes fascinating is defintiely a good thing. I can't seem to figure you out. I don't mean to offend you, but you are very bold and brave for a girl. That isn't a bad thing. I've just never met anyone like you." Fascinating was an understatement. Beautiful, amazing, sincere, caring...his list could go on. Fascinating didn't do her justice.
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