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"well, I will admit I was scared the first time you spoke, however my opinion has changed." Katrina saw his blush and bit her lip. Blushing certainly complimented him. "well if you would like to be my victim I could demonstrate with you." She giggled and looked up at him questingly. "I'll let you choose which end you'd like to be." She said temptingly and giggled again.

Peter let out a hardy laugh and shook his head. "you must have strange friends. That is good though that they are loyal to you." He nodded at her next question. "Oh yes, welll it's been about a year maybe. (ooc: haha i dont remember) But in Narnia time, it's been centuries. I suppose that things could have changed. In fact I'm sure that they have changed, otherwise we wouldn't be here." He looked back at her and smiled shaking his head. "You are very fascinating. I'm very curious as to how you will be once we find out why we are here."
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