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Ministry RPG Name:
Alice L. Sumner
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Here is my made-up charecter:

Name: McKenna Lee Cambell
Age: 14
DoB: July 5th
House: Gryffindor
Heritage: muggle-born

layered redish hair, skinny body, hazel eyes, and pale skin

Personality: A very happy and carefree person, she is often-times careless. She gets excited easily and it's hard to get McKenna mad. She loves her friends and is fircely protective of them. She is also a talented wizard. McKenna falls in love easily and does'nt get over a person very quickly.

Friends/Relationships: She looks upon the other witches that came to Narnia as big sisters seeing as she practicly grew up with them and aquirs a close relationship with Edmund making friends with his sisters along the way.

RP colorark Green

Do you want me to make a bio for Lucy? When does this take place? and Is this bio good?

Sorry bout all the questions! Thanx for letting me join the RP!

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