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Well, Prince Caspian was just released on to DVD, so that means another Narnia RP from me!!

Prince Caspian has just discovered that all of the legends of Narnia are true: there are talking animals, and begins such as centaurs, fauns and minotaurs. However, he has also discovered that his Uncle is trying to take the throne from him. Caspian slips away and soon joins up with Narnians who are ready to regain their home. In a desperate situation, Prince Caspian uses a magical horn to call the 4 Kings and Queens of old back to Narnia, in the hopes that they will once again help to save the kingdom.

However, that is not the only effect that the horn has. Some unsuspecting students from Hogwarts are also brought into the war. As they are brought into the situation, they wonder what part they have to play in this fantasyland that is similar, but definitely not, their own.

Little do the Students from Hogwarts know, but the Telmarines descended from pirates who were able to find a portal into Narnia. Included in that first crew were a few witches and wizards. They kept up their practice secretly and passed it on to the magically born children and grandchildren until their descendants of the current Narnian day. Miraz, having discovered this secret group has decided to put their skills to use.

Now, the Narnians and Hogwarts students need to unite- possibly in more way than one- in order to defeat the Telmarine forces.

Okay, a couple things. I have read the book, and seen the movie. I really don’t care what version we do, but I bet more of you have seen the movie. So, as you know, there was a Susan/ Caspian romance in the movie. I don’t care if this is continued in here but there can also be a Hogwarts charrie/ Caspian or Hogwarts charrie/ Susan relationship instead! Doesn’t matter!!
I also don’t care whether we use the canon Hogwarts characters or just all made-ups! So, just ask for who you want!
Okay, characters:
Aslan: Me (he does not have a large part at all in this!)
Prince Caspian: Lily Lupin
Peter: Superwoman
Susan: secretlover101
Edmund: Wolf Girl
Lucy: moonyroxs

Hogwarts characters:
Clarissa Knightsbridge: Me
Katrina Kingston: Superwoman
Jane Miley: Lily Lupin
moonyroxs (Bio needed)

Caspian/ Superwoman's made-up
Peter/ my made up
All the usual rules apply, and let's have some fun!!

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