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heart shortie chapie x

your such great readers and i feel bad for leaving you on a cliffie so heres some more, not much but more lol xx

Chapter ten

Mrs Weasley continued to hold her back,
“We just have to wait there’s nothing else we can do:”
“What do you mean nothing?”
“He’s…we checked his pulse it’s not very strong, he’s holding on but we have to take him to Mungo’s now”
“I’m going” she stopped trying to pull away from her mother and relaxed suddenly, her mother let her go and led her to a chair, “He’ll be ok, he’s going to fight to come back to me” she said quietly “He will won’t he?” She looked at her mother in earnest who couldn’t answer her. The front door opened with Lupin, Bill and Mr Weasley coming in.
“Where is he Molly?” Said Lupin, his face worried and pale the same as the two men next to him.
“The living room with Xeno” she conjured a glass of water and gave it to Ginny, “Drink”

They went in and came out with Harry on a stretcher, “there isn’t any change, but we still don’t know what happened” Said Mr Lovegood,
Ginny stood up, “Shouldn’t we being taking him somewhere” she said agitated, moving closer to Harry. He lay hardly breathing his face pale, and eyes still closed. She held his hand staring at him before letting go and opening the door so they could apparate outside. Bill and Lupin carried the stretcher as Mr Weasley held on to his daughter leading her through the gate and apparating with her to St. Mungo’s.

She was made to sit in the corridor as they checked Harry over. She stared at the wall in front of her the portraits of witches and wizards smiling as they talked to each other and those walking past. Getting up she peaked though the door to see what was going on, no one would tell her anything not even how he had ended up like this. Hermione and Luna came walking rapidly down the hall way towards her.
“Have they told you anything?”
“Nothing” she crossed her arms, “Luna what happened to him?”
“He was on the floor when I first saw him, his cloak slipped off but I didn’t think it was him and my dad dragged me into the shop. I looked out the window and saw him crawling to the bench and he clutched his head, then I knew it was Harry. I went over and he swayed on the seat and then… he said Ginny…then his eyes went white and closed as he flopped onto the bench”
She looked at Ginny her face pale as she spoke, “so it’s Voldemort”
Hermione nodded, as Luna leaned back in a seat.
“I told them he held his head, I hope he’s ok”
“He will be don’t worry” Said Hermione firmly, “He’s going to be fine” she grasped Ginny’s hand in her own as they waited in silence.
Five minutes later Lupin, Bill and Mr Weasley came out with the healer in charge.
“There’s nothing we can do for him apart from wait, there is no telling what’s wrong with him only that dark magic has been used” said the healer looking grim,
“Go and see him” said Mr Weasley, to his daughter, she got up and as Hermione went to let go Ginny pulled her up “and you Luna, im not going in there alone” she looked at them both and Luna took Ginny’s other hand as they walked into the empty ward.
He lay, pale, burning hot, and unmoving. They sat at three chairs and looked down at him, two of them crying, one thinking. Hermione and Luna wiped there eyes both looking at Ginny, she sat quietly and then held his hand in her own. They left the room without her even noticing as she held on hoping for him to wake up.

“Harry you have to wake up, please just open you’re eyes” she whispered quietly
She fell asleep still sitting there refusing to be moved from his side and still holding his hand. Aurors were placed around the ward and hospital, in case it should be known that the boy who lived was on the verge of what appeared to be death.
RIP JD Salinger
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