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heart New chapie Enjoy x

Chapter eight

They walked hand in hand to the dinning room,
“Is it ok if Harry stays for lunch?” said Ginny looking her mother,
She nodded and sat down waving her wand causing an extra plate and cutlery to zoom out of the door and place them selves at an empty spot. They sat down next to each other nervously, Ginny still holding tightly on to his hand.

Ron walked in and sat down next to his mother and opposite Harry, Hermione sat the other side of Ron and Lupin took the space left next to Harry. It looked like they had taken sides and Remus glanced at there hands still held tightly under the table. Ron didn’t look up from his plate; Mrs Weasley seemed lost in thought so Hermione spoke first to break the silence.

“Has Luna been round yet, she offered to show me the stream and grounds round her house”
“No, maybe after lunch we could go and see her instead” Ron said poking food round his plate. He gave up; he was more hungry then miserable so began to eat fast hoping to leave soon.

Mrs Weasley then looked up “Harry, how did Pettigrew die?”
He looked shocked to be spoken to mid way through a mouthful of potato; he swallowed quickly and went to reply, when Hermione’s fork dropped on the floor “Pettigrew’s dead?”
“Yes, the hand that Voldemort gave him killed him when he asked me to forgive him” he wouldn’t look at her so focused on the window behind her head.
“He stopped us as we where leaving to come here from where im being kept”
“Where’s that?” Ron looked up curiously
“You know he can’t tell you Ron” said Hermione poking him in the ribs with her fork as she picked it up.
“You know, I bet Ginny does too, why should I be left out of the loop?”
“I don’t know where he’s staying” said Ginny staring at him, “it’s for Harry’s safety”
“And what about your safety, you think if you know who comes here and says ‘hey where’s Harry?’ and you say ‘I don’t know’ he won’t kill you anyway”
“No, but if I did know he would still kill me because I would never tell him”
“And what use is that, then you’re just another dead person and Harry’s off on the run somewhere not even thinking about you”
Harry squeezed her hand and looked at her, she didn’t reply to him but Ron moved his mouth as if to continue,
“Don’t say another word Ron!” said Harry angrily, He took a deep breath to calm himself down and stared at him, he clutched the wand in his pocket with his left hand, still holding Ginny’s hand in his right.
“Don’t Harry” she whispered moving his hand away from his pocket, and placed her head on his shoulder, “he’s just doing it to annoy you”
“Well it’s working” he muttered in reply,

“Harry is staying with me and Tonk’s, and that information is not to leave this room” Ron looked at Lupin, and nodded before he got up to leave, Hermione followed him upstairs where they heard them shout at each other before she came down stairs and went out to the garden burying herself in her book her face red in anger.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other instinctively, let go of each others hands and left the table. Ginny went out to the garden while Harry walked up to Ron’s room and banged on the door.


“What did he say to you Hermione?”Ginny sat at the table facing her looking at the cover of her book which she wouldn’t move from her face.
“Horrible things” she replied,
“Well he’s not the nicest person in the world right now”
“It’s not that I don’t like him it’s just he can be such a pig sometimes”
“That’s just Ron, he unfortunately has no understanding of girls, neither does Harry but at least he tries” she smiled,
“Well in that respect your lucky, but it’s not safe for you to keep seeing him, you know that yet you won’t give up”
“Why should I give him up, Voldie ain’t going to stop me not when I’ve waited so long for him to even notice me let alone call me his girlfriend”
“If ‘Voldie’ doesn’t stop you your mother will”
“If Voldemort wasn’t around she wouldn’t need to stop me, she’s tried all ready and look where it’s got her”
“Ok then, now we no nothing but death will tear you two apart what do I do to shut up Ron on the subject?” Hermione smiled at her sarcastically, looking out from the side of the large book.
“You do like him don’t you?”Ginny smiled back, for the first time in weeks.
Hermione sighed and put her book on the table,
“I do like him, I really do but he’s too, well unstable, jealous, meddlesome and angry at the moment. He won’t talk to you or Harry without getting mad but we all need to stick together the four of us, but I don’t think its going to happen”
“Just let Harry talk to him, they haven’t said anything nice to each other since we left school so this might be a start”
“You haven’t exactly been good to him yourself though”
“Im his sister, im allowed too get angry when he tries to stop me from seeing the boy I love”
“You love Harry?”
“Yes” she looked at her, her gaze unfaltering, “Really?” Hermione looked at her critically
“With all my heart”
“Then we can’t stop you” Hermione smiled and picked up her book, as Ginny sat back in her chair and closed her eyes smiling.


Molly looked at her daughter from the window and closed it quietly,
“You shouldn’t spy on her Molly, just trust her” Lupin was still sitting at the table,
“She says she loves him, what does she know she’s only -”
“Sixteen, the same age as you when you ran off with Arthur wasn’t it”
“Yes but”
“But what”, Said Lupin smiling, “We can’t even keep them away from each other for four days” he took a sip of his drink,
“He’s more dangerous to be with then Arthur, he’s seventeen year old boy, hiding from the darkest wizard of all time and dating her in secret so not to get her killed”
“Well you got me there”
“I’m glad you agree with me”
“I never said anything of the sort, who am I to say that keeping them apart is the best for the both of them. We’ve both seen them together today, I know you saw as well I did that they never let go of each others hands the entire time throughout lunch”
“I did, but what does that show only that there dependant on each other out of fear”
“Or love Molly, Dumbledore always said it was a powerful magic Harry had in him which stopped Voldemort when he was an infant, what if this will help him to defeat him now, then what?”
“I won’t let my daughter be sacrificed for the use of the order or Harry”
“You might not have a choice Molly”

“Ron, open the door”
“Bugger off Harry, I’ve seen you enough for one day and looking at you two… well feeling up my little sister isn’t exactly talking to her is it”
“You spied on us”
“I couldn’t hear you since you did the that spell but seeing it was enough”
“Just open the door and speak to me face to face, let me explain and tell you what we said”
“Fine” Harry pulled out his wand “Bombarda!” the door flew to the other side of the room bashing against the wall. Ron stood in shock and fumbled for his wand on the table. “Accio” said Harry, Ron’s wand came zooming toward him and he grabbed it looking angry.
“I came to talk about you and Hermione, not duel”
“Then why in Merlins name did you blow my door off the hinges?”
“Well you weren’t going to let me in any other way” Said Harry pointing both wands at him,
“Ron, sit down and listen to me”
He sat on the bed as Harry stood in front of him,
“Tell me exactly why you don’t want me to see your sister, but don’t mention the old Voldie excuse in any way” Harry stood wands still out as he looked at Ron staring at the ground, “Voldie?” said Ron looking up, “who’s? -”
“Scary guy, red eyes, black robes, wants’ me dead so he can live forever”
He nodded showing a glimmer of a smile,
“I don’t want you dating her because she’s my sister”
“How is that a valid reason, I could say I don’t want you dating Hermione cause she’s my friend”
“But you wouldn’t”
“I could though I doubt you’d listen”
“You know how I felt when she dated Dean and Michael, why would you think I’d think any different of you”
“Because I’m your best friend Ron, you’ve stood by me through everything the same as Hermione, I hoped you wouldn’t see me as a threat to Gin, but it’s obvious you do”
“Friends don’t date there little sisters”
“If I had a little sister I wouldn’t stop you, yes I’d be annoyed and surprised but I wouldn’t stop you not if I knew you really liked her, or even loved her just as must as I love Ginny”
“You… love…Ginny?”
“Yes” his hand holding the wands fell to his side in surprising himself,
“You… love…Ginny?” Ron repeated in a daze before he stood up suddenly “YOU CAN’T!”
“Why can’t I Ron?”Harry said pacing back and forth in front of him.
“Because… just because”
“Because isn’t a reason, your acting like Pettigrew, he never gave me a proper answer when I asked him why shouldn’t I kill him, you’d think he would but he didn’t”
“Don’t compare me to him, and I thought you said you didn’t kill him”
“I didn’t, I just came close too…” Harry’s voice trailed off with his thoughts as Peters failed mission came to mind again, “…answer me, why not?” he focused on why he was talking to Ron,
“I don’t know Harry” Ron said sitting down again and held his head in his hands “But If you loved her as much as you said you do you’d stay away for her sake”

“I won’t Ron, I can’t” Harry turned and walked down the stairs to Lupin and Molly sitting in silence in the kitchen.

“We’d best be going now Harry” said Lupin,
“Ginny still outside?” said Harry moving to the window and looking out anxiously,
Molly nodded and then spoke, “Harry, I think you should stay here. Peter knew you where at Lupins and now it’s not safe. They are going to move you again but I think it would be better for them to leave you here and then Tonk’s and Remus can go somewhere else as well rather then staying somewhere the death eaters know you’ve been”
“You’re sure Molly?” Remus looked at her slightly smiling,
She couldn’t speak but nodded.
“Then it’s settled, you stay here and I’ll be back with your belongings” Lupin said standing up.
“Thank you Mrs Weasley” Harry said politely, “Is it ok if I go and tell her?”
“Yes” she got up as Harry left, “I hope for there sakes your right Remus”
“I do too” He walked to the door “Look after them both Molly, and take care of yourself as well as your children”

She nodded as she sat down again hearing the squeals of joy and laughter from the garden. She hoped she was doing the right thing, but until this war was over she knew she wouldn’t find out.

Ron looked down from his window to the garden. He saw Harry tell Ginny something and then she jumped on him obviously happy about what ever it was. He saw them kiss and moved his gaze to Hermione, she looked so beautiful even when she was angry with him, he turned walked out and downstairs to see what the fuss was about.

“What’s going on mum?”
“Harry is staying here until the four of your return to school”
“Oh” he sat down at the table, “Has Lupin gone?”
“He’s bringing back Harry’s things then he and Tonk’s are moving somewhere else”
“So his house isn’t safe anymore”
“Not since Pettigrew found it this morning”
Ron put his head in his hands, “Where is he sleeping?”
“You will be sharing with him, until you sort your problems out, whether you like it or not”
He sighed, “what ever, as long as he doesn’t touch my stuff”
“Do you know how silly you sound Ronald?”
“He’s not my best friend anymore and you can’t force him to be, how can you be ok with them being together?!”
“I don’t know, but what else can I do, look how happy they are”

They did look; Harry sat talking to Hermione, Ginny sitting in his lap as they spoke both smiling and laughing for the first time in days. Ginny and Harry didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day even as they talked and fell asleep in each other arms on the couch, much to the surprise of Mr Weasley when he came home and found them. He placed a blanket over them and went to the kitchen to Molly sitting in a chair a glass of water next to her and a smile on her face when she saw him.

“Harry’s staying here until school starts, you heard about Pettigrew no doubt?”
“Yes, they said it was the hand you know who gave him” Arthur said sitting down next to her
“Harry told us what happened; did Remus and Tonk’s leave ok?”
“Yes, they’ll be round tomorrow for the meeting, there staying at Tonk’s parents house, it’s had the usual spells placed upon it so they should be ok”
“Arthur, are you alright with Harry staying here. Remus says they should be safe for now”
“Just until school starts then who knows what will happen then”
Molly glanced into the living room at there smiling faces, “They haven’t stopped smiling all day, there even doing it in there sleep”
“Well at least she’s sleeping again” he replied,
Molly nodded
“Come on, you need to sleep too” he turned out the lights and closed the living room door as they climbed the stairs to there room.
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