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Originally Posted by lilly_luna View Post
So heres an extract from the next chapter, which is the shortest one iv'e written so far. I should post the rest of it when iv'e finished changing parts of the rest of the story in a few days so don't go anywhere! x

He hugged her tightly wanting never to let go but knowing he had to. He smiled to try and reassure himself and her that this was the best thing for them both, fearing those around him were wrong.
“I’ll miss you Harry”
“We’ll be together soon”
A single tear fell from her gentle brown eyes as she turned and walked towards the fireplace already burning green. Ron ushered her forward into the flames not looking at Harry and staring at a stain on the carpet. Ginny stepped in and waved goodbye “the burrow” she spoke clear and loud disappearing within the flames as they changed back to crimson and orange.

He turned and stared at Harry, his face angry his ears flushed scarlet,
“Yes” he spoke with malice
“Take care of her; she needs it though she might not want it” Harry couldn’t look at him.
“It’s my job to protect her, and I think it’s going well don’t you” Ron glanced at him smiling
Harry sat on the bed his wand clutched in his pocket angrily as Lupin walked in not bothering to knock.
“It’s time” he said as Ron was consumed by the emerald flames and Harry picked up his bag.
this is good so far.
i like it =]


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