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PoA might need work, I'll admit, but it was still a pretty good movie.
At least, in comparison to OotP. I HATED that film. They cut so much from it. When I walked out of the theater, I was saddened, but not surprised, to hear people asking each other...'wait, what happened?' only to be answered with 'you'll have to read the book'.
PoA may have some issues, but it flows well and even though its different in some ways than the book, at least it doesn't seemed rushed and half done.
No offense to the actors of course, but I truly loathe some of the changes made in OotP. I mean - Cho? No SNEAK, no charmed galleons? I can live with no S.P.E.W. of course, but what about that conversation in the playground? It starts off in broad daylight! With Harry and Dudley completely alone, just facing off! And I don't think even Dudley is the type to insult someone's mom at random...I much preferred the book version of the 'night' taunts.
I And why did we never see St. Mungo's? And the battle scene was messed up. No brains, no crashing into the time turners, no statues coming to life to protect Harry, no Harry promising to put money in the fountain if he wasn't expelled, no decorating Grimmauld place for christmas (or very little, I suppose I might not remember), no doxies or even much cleaning or interaction with Kreacher.
I could go on, but its probably best if I stop now. :]
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