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Chapter two

She knocked on his door and smiled when she heard him fumbling around swearing when he tripped over something.

“Yes aunt Petunia” he said, she was the only one who knocked even though they had the lock on there side of the door. He expected to here it move but when no sound came he pushed on the cat flap and looked at the legs out side.
“You’re not her, who are you?” He stuck his head through and tried to crane his neck upwards but all he could see was her legs, he recognised them but before he could speak – she knelt down taking his head in her hands and kissed him lovingly. Now he knew. Smiling he pulled his head back inside as she undid the lock and opened the door.

“Gin, what in Merlin’s name are you doing here? How did you get in? And what happened to being Patient?”
Harry wrapped her in a hug still smiling but feeling worried.
“It’s a long story, can I come in?” she peaked past him and saw the mess on the floor and all over the floor, “I could help you pack as well” she grinned as he scratched the back of his head embarrassed by the state of his room.
“Ok, but we do have to talk at the same time”
“I’m a girl, I can multitask” she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips softly before stepping over his open trunk, threw off her rucksack and sat on his bed.


“There going to come looking for you Gin” He placed a pile of books into his trunk,
“But I can’t stay there with them, there’s no where else” she sighed folding up the last of his robes and putting them inside,
“When do you start looking for the Horcruxes?”
“With Dumbledore gone he can’t give me anymore clues, but I’m going to start at Godric’s Hollow once we get back to school I’ll be of age, so I will be able to come and go, I’m sure they’ll be some objection but I won’t get caught”
“I know you won’t, but my family are more worried about me when they should be helping you, they think that by being with you I’ll get hurt or killed”
“I would never let that happen” he took her hand in his own and leaned in to kiss her when, his aunt knocked at the door and walked in.
“Your friend has to leave now, it has been three hours”
“She has no where to go” Harry stared at her defiantly
“That is not of my concern, your uncle will be back with Dudley shortly and he cannot find another one of your lot in this house” she left and they heard her clattering down the stairs,
“It’s been three hours, and they haven’t bothered even to send an owl let alone come themselves” Ginny stared out the window just as Harry spoke.
“We can leave tomorrow, we’ll go to the leaky cauldron until school and tonight…tonight you can stay here” he rummaged around his wardrobe till he found it, his invisibility cloak.

They made there way down the stairs,
“Aunt Petunia, im taking my friend to Mrs Figg’s, I’ll be back before the curfew” they stepped outside and saw his aunt peering out the window anxious to see if the girl had left .They walked down the street stoping at a corner.
“Ok here put it on” he pulled out the cloak from under his jumper and placed it on her carefully hiding her, “Perfect” she smiled though no one could see it,
“Let’s go”

They made there way back to the house and carefully up the stairs, to find and Errol pecking at his window. Harry opened the window and grabbed the note from the birds out stretched leg.

“If she is there please let us know”
He grabbed a quill and wrote a reply “she’s staying for a few days, she will be back shortly” he rolled it up and tied it to the same owl and then sent it on its way.

Ginny sat down on the bed taking off the cloak, “Thank you”
“It’s ok, it will be dinner soon” he glanced at the clock, “I bring you something up, it will only be ten minutes and you must be starving”
She smiled, “im so hungry I could eat a quaffle”
“Good job I have this then” he knelt down and pulled up the floorboard, he lifted out chocolate bars, crisps and bottles of cola.
“All muggle im afraid, I saved a few pounds from my muggle life and found plenty down the sofa every time I clean it so I buy snacks and hide them in here away from Dudley’s greasy trotters.”
“If its chocolate and it’s from you its welcome” Said Ginny grinning at him
He sat down beside her and gently moved her hair away from her eyes, he moved in closer is hand on her cheek and they kissed tenderly. Moving closer the kisses became fiercer, more desperate not to be apart from one another until,

“DINNER” Was shouted up the stairs.

“I’ll be back in ten at the most” he left her there going down the stairs just as Vernon and Dudley burst though the door one after the day’s newspaper the other complaining he was starving.

Harry sat at the table; he ate quickly and then was told to clean up the plates. The Dursley’s settled around the television. He collected plates and washed them up as well as stealing some of the fresh chicken still on the side wrapped in foil, and left over vegetables in the pot.

He ran up the stair care full not to drop the plate to find Ginny sitting on his bed reading through some of his books on the dark arts.
“Hey I got you this” she took the plate gratefully and ate hungrily. After she was full she lay back and stared at his ceiling.
“Its odd being away from home but it not being Hogwarts” she turned her head to look at him,
“Well you are a woman on the run, like Bellatrix only not so evil and way more attractive”
She stuck her tongue out at him “I’ll take that as a complement”
“And you should” he stood up and pushed his now full trunk out of the way making space on the floor in which he lied down in
“What are you doing?”
“Being a gentleman and letting you have the bed”
She threw down the blankets, quilt and pillows and then rolled off the bed and on top of him and them.
“Being a gentleman is overrated” she giggled and he quietened her the only way he knew how with a kiss. When they broke apart he stared at her
“You really are amazing Ginny”
“I know, and you’re not so bad you’re self”
She tied back her long red hair and pulled a blanket around herself and sat up as he placed one on the floor along with the pillows. He pushed the trunk to make more room, but it was now blocking the door so no one could get in, and lay down on the makeshift bed. She curled up beside him closing her eyes and he held her in his arms as they fell asleep.
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