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This is a truly bad update. I know it is, and I don't really feel bad about it. I'm trying to connect some dots, and I apologize for the bumps in it. I hope to update again once Wrimo is over!

He sent for her. Tonks should have suspected he would send for her based on how she left things, but when she received the owl, her heart both rose and fell. The finely lettered scrawl urged her to come whenever she could, and Tonks nearly fell over herself to race out the door.

“I thought you’d come,” Dumbledore’s blue eyes twinkled merrily at her as soon as she stumbled through the door to his office. “My sentry said you were quite insistent upon entry.”

Tonks figured he was talking about the gargoyle she had harassed, and she nodded glumly as she fell into a chair. “You weren’t here.” Merlin, if she didn’t sound like a sullen spoiled child. “I need to speak with you.”

“So I gathered,” Dumbledore steepled his hands and stared at her over his glasses. “And now here I am.” The twist of his smile left Tonks convinced that he knew why she was there.

She hesitated, but he continued to just stare at her persistently. Silently. It was unnerving, and Tonks could do nothing but stare back until she remembered what had been so urgent just days ago. “Yes, right. I heard about the werewolf attack…”

Suddenly, Tonks felt quite silly. There had already been more details in the paper since she’d overreacted and run up the hill, and she knew now that Greyback had attacked a small child. Remus wasn’t involved. So… what was she doing here?

Dumbledore seemed to sense her hesitation, and his piercing look softened. “And you wondered how our Mr. Lupin was doing. He has yet to have any true breakthroughs in convincing the werewolves of our good intentions, but he is well and truly safe.”

Tonks felt the stress trickle out of her like air from a Muggle balloon. “He’s safe? Does he have to stay with the werewolves when they won’t listen?” Funny the Auror worried about the werewolf, but there it was.

“No, Mr. Lupin is at home again,” Dumbledore played professional so well considering Tonks seemed on the verge of weeping at any moment. “Under the circumstances, I didn’t see the need to ask him to stay with the werewolves and put himself or his conscience in peril.” Trust Dumbledore to understand that honor was more important to Remus than even his own life.

“That is… very good news,” Tonks breathed, feeling slightly faint. Now all she needed to do was get out of his office before he tried to discuss her…

Dumbledore cleared his throat. “I am sure I do not need to counsel you on letting your emotions get the best of you, Miss Tonks. You’re responsibility is to the students.” That scary piercing look was back. She tried to defend herself, although he was right. She was moping, shirking duty, and thinking mostly of herself and her sad little love life, but she was there to protect the students.

He held up his hand, clearly prepared to continue with the reprimand. “You must think me a heartless old man. No, I can tell you wish to lie and spare my feelings. I am old, but my heart breaks with yours, my dear. Trust that I know what I speak of when I say that it is what we do in the midst of heartbreak and misery that shapes our character.”

Tonks was mortified, her cheeks a pink that would have put her former hair color to shame. “I’m sorry, sir. I can’t seem to… I fell in love with the wrong person.”

“How can loving ever be wrong?” Dumbledore looked almost sad. “No more skipping your rounds, and pay attention on duty,” he waggled a finger at her. “And don’t be so hard on yourself. I need your vigilance now more than ever.” He seemed tired around his eyes, and Tonks felt as if she was missing some part of the story.

“I’ll try,” Tonks promised vehemently.

“Trying is just politely telling me you’re not up for the job,” his eyes sparkled again, and Tonks had to smile thinly at that.

“Fine. I will. I can do my job,” Tonks vowed. She could be stronger than her heartbreak.
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