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quill No funeral?
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this is the first time i've ever posted anything, and i've been reading everyone's thoughts of what david heyman said. i think there should have been a battle and dumbledore's funeral in this movie. that's one of the biggest parts of the book! i would have like the interaction between harry and ginny and also between ron and hermoine right after the funeral. i would have preferred that the producers/writers/directors were more true to JK's book. as they say, the book is definitely better than the movie. i don't mind watching a 3 hour movie if it's done well.

i'm also glad that they're cutting the final book into two movies. however, the first part should end after dobby dies and harry buries him without using magic. that's a very powerful part of the book, and it really shows how harry loved dobby and the fact that he saved him again. then the second part should start when they're at the shell cottage and harry is about to talk with griphook and ollivander, and then they make their plans. hopefully, they won't cut the part where lupin comes to the cottage and share his good news about his baby, teddy. the scene at the gringotts bank should be spectacular especially when they're trying to escape. once they leave the cottage (before they go to the bank), the timeline is only one very long day until the huge battle, so the producers/writers/directors should never hold back on anything. hopefully, the battle will be as spectacular as the lord of the rings movie. they should make sure that the battle should be one of the best endings of all time. since they've made so much money on this film, they shouldn't skimp on it. besides, they'll make so much more money in the future.

anyway, that's my thoughts on that. i hope i made sense.
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