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I can't say i agree with you. i think he did really well with OOTP considering it was such a big book. They also can't make a film and leave everyone depressed people watch films for entertainment and fun... and not so they are contemplating suicide.

I for one am really looking forward to half-blood prince it sounds the best one yet! and am really looking forward to seeing Dobby again in Deathly Hollows! although i have to agree with everyone that they can't cut out Dumbledore's funeral, that scene in the book made me cry more then any other and is crucial for Harry's state of mind all through the last book and also breaking up with Ginny.

I can't believe he dodged the question about the premieres though, i had tickets at 200 pounds each to got the the half-blood prince premiere and it left me heart broken that they cancelled it. I would of loved some good news that it would be going ahead next year instead.
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