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Default Office of the Assistant to the Magical Transportation Department Head

Just before you reach the end of the hallway where the Department Head's office sits, another office sits with three glass walls. In the generous sized office sits a large wooden desk, with a comfortable black executive chair. There are various items to note scattered on the desk, some of which include:

Several quills placed in a round container to use along with bottled ink; an appointment book which will be used to keep up with events happening, appointments for the Department Head, and anything worthy of importance that she would need to keep up with; but her prize possessions are her pictures. Each one containing someone special to her. One picture consists of her brother, Caleum, another of her mother, Judy, her brother and herself and then there are now two pictures that were her favorite, one of them being Constantine and herself, taken during their honeymoon along the beach and the other was an empty picture frame, saved for the day that she and Neo would visit the Healer to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. Other items on her desk can be seen, such as parchment note pads for jotting down memos and a jar of candy for anyone who feels the need to have something sweet.

Sitting on the desk, slightly left of the center, sits a gold placard reading as follows:

Angelica Goldbloom
Assistant to the Magical Transportation Department Head