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Post Videos: Matt Lewis at Dragon*Con panel discussions

Matthew Lewis answered panel and fan questions during a private session last weekend at Dragon*Con, which ranged in subject from the Harry Potter movies and books, his favourite shows, actors, movies, and books, to numerous set stories, fan experiences, and much more.

In regards to Harry Potter, Matt talks in detail about:

• Neville throughout the film and book series (mentioning his favourite scenes to film, as well as how much he can't wait to do Neville's action scenes in Deathly Hallows)

• the Half-Blood Prince date change, as well as how much he praised Hero Tiffin's role as young Tom Riddle

• stories from the set, including playing ping-pong with Dan Radcliffe (whom he states works so hard at portraying Harry) and darts with Rupert Grint (whom Matt mentions is exactly like his character Ron, in that they are both incredibly funny, friendly, and loyal), and pulling pranks on Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas)

• the fact that if he could not play Neville he would have wanted to play Harry (as he is "the hero")

• his somewhat traumatic forays into Harry Potter fanfiction

• his experience with fans from both the UK and US

• how he was cast as Neville in the first film, after which time he met actor Rik Mayall (cast as Peeves in Sorcerer's Stone, whose scenes were removed from the final cut of the film), who was kind enough to give him some stage advice
The videos (the first discussion is broken up into six segments and clocks in at almost an hour long; the second, shorter clips in three parts, altogether about five minutes), can be viewed below.

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