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lol love the siggy heres a bit more, i had to re write it all cause i changed my mind about who it would be ! i had a choice of 4 characters but i like this one best. I no theres not much (nearly nothing) but i hope to post more in the next few days as in lots and lots more lol
thanks for reading lilly x

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” he said sneering at the look of disbelief on Hermione’s face. “How can you get in here this house is protected?” “You forgot you brought me back here to talk remember” He said as he walked towards her his wand pointing at her chest. “I do unfortunately but I also remember telling you to leave me alone twice already”
“Im just a glutton for punishment” he said as he picked up the glass of pumpkin juice, took a swig and threw it against the wall. He smiled at her but she couldn't look at him and focused on the juice dripping down the wall behind him.

“Look at me Hermione, I can’t live like this any more, I have to be with you” She refused to look up “I can’t, I won’t” He placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her forcefully towards the wall, he held her there “and you think you belong to Weasley, is that why you were calling his name? I Heard he dumped you, you’re a free agent now” She reached in her jeans pocket for her wand but he was too quick “you won’t need that where we’re going” He took it and placed in his robes still pointing his own at her “where do you think im going with you?” She said calmly placing a hand on the side of his face and looking into his eyes. “Anywhere” he said as he placed his own hand over hers, still on his face, and they apparated.
RIP JD Salinger
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