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Maybe so, but then the other day I was really excited about the thought of a Victoire/Teddy FF or RPG. I need to spend some time off SS, huh? Thanks for being patient with me guys.

With the timeline firmly determined by her mother, Tonks decided to call earlier rather than later. She still had a few days before the school term started back up and she was expected back in Hogsmeade, and she resigned herself to the fact that one of those days was going to be spent with the Weasleys.

Without her mother there to tell her how to dress, Tonks found herself knocking on the door to the Burrow in jeans and an electric blue t-shirt. Molly ushered her inside, plied her with tea, and refused any offers of apologies or explanations.

“I know that Remus can be stubborn, darling. We just have to give him time to get used to the idea…” Molly clunked around the kitchen like some sort of Muggle mechanical device. “You should have seen Arthur back in our youth.” With a happy sigh, she fell into her chair. “He was so awkward and nervous, and in the end, I had to propose to him.”

“I guess we’d have that in common if I could ever keep Remus still long enough,” Tonks tried to joke, but the delivery was flat. What did Molly know about it? She’d found the great love of her life at Hogwarts when she was still a girl. She’d never had to fight for him, and she’d never had to prove to Arthur that they belonged together. Why did everyone always think that saying ‘I know how you feel’ made things better?

“It’s not too late, child, so pick your chin up off the ground,” Molly took a long sip of tea to cover the awkwardness of the moment. “He’ll come around. I can’t wait to have your children running around here underfoot someday. I miss having babies in this house.” Her nearly blissful expression only made Tonks feel worse. Now she was disappointing Molly in her inability to procreate.

“No, ‘e will not come around,” a clipped voice came from the doorway. Tonks didn’t even bother to look, knowing the owner of that annoying accent. “Zis is ze most ridiculous conversation I ‘ave ever ‘eard.”

Tonks was staring through the handle of her mug at the floor, so all she saw was one dainty foot tapping angrily beside her as Molly slammed her mug too hard on the table. “This is a private conversation, Fleur, and you are a guest in my home. I won’t have you speaking to my friends like that.”

It perked Tonks right up to be called a friend by Molly, and she released her death stare on the mug. “It’s fine, Molly. Maybe Fleur has some insight into the boggling mind of men, since I’m clearly at a loss.” She kicked out one of the chairs at Fleur in a gesture of goodwill.

Fleur seemed appalled to have a chair kicked at her, but she seated herself regally in it. Like a cool princess in her pale blue robes, Fleur gazed at them both with a stony expression. Tonks’ gesture seemed to have flown right over that silvery head. “Well, I do ‘ave ze experience wiz many men because zey zink I am so beautiful. I zink maybe you should get a cat. A cat zat will ignore you less zan a man will.”

With the slow blink of disbelief, Tonks had no words at first. Where was all this hostility coming from? Fleur had a really handsome fiancée who adored her in spite of the fact that she was heinous and his family hated her. It was more than most girls could ask for. Add to it that Fleur was beautiful and apparently part veela… and she had no reason to be such a nasty wench. “I’m allergic,” Tonks finally offered.

They both watched Molly leave the room in a huff before Fleur spoke again. “Let us get zis straight between us, Tonkz,” her voice went even colder, if that was possible. “’e is my man, and you will get over zis fascination wiz ‘im. Ze Delacour women will always fight for what zey want.”

Well. Feather her rump and call her an ostrich, Tonks was completely shocked. Fleur was in love with Remus too? “What about Bill?”

“What about Bill?” Fleur snapped. “’e loves me too. Don’t you worry about Bill.” She flipped her head in a magnificent sparkle of hair.

“You want them both?” Maybe she was going crazy. That had to be it. Surely they didn’t go out for polygamy in France. Or… no. What did they call it when a woman had multiple husbands? Aside from crazy, of course. “Does Bill know?”

The less-than-graceful flapping of Fleur’s lips didn’t help with Tonks’ feeling that she was going crazy, but it did help with her self-esteem. No one looks attractive when they’re flapping their lips. “Wha… what are you talking about, Tonkz? Boze of who?”

The two women stared at each other for a long time before they both smiled simultaneously. “You think I’m in love with Bill!” Tonks gasped, a giggle escaping. A giggle? Who knew she still could make that sound?

“Who is it zat you love, Tonkz?” Fleur seemed remarkably friendlier in a matter of seconds. It seemed that being friends with Fleur was a lot easier than being enemies, and Tonks appreciated a friendly face. “Charlie?”

“Oh, Charlie, no,” Tonks giggled again. “He’s a mate. I think he’s in love with his dragons, anyway, so I have no chance. I… it’s Remus.” Funny how easy it was to admit something that had taken her forever to realize, but maybe it was Fleur who made it easier. She seemed so girlish and delighted to be sharing information about the men they loved, and Tonks realized that perhaps she hadn’t had anyone to be excited about her engagement with. Surely no one in this house, and Fleur wasn’t the type to make friends easily.

“Remus? Zat is wonderful! ‘e is a lovely man, and so ‘andsome. Not as ‘andsome as Bill, but ‘e is very good looking. And tall. ‘e is very tall,” Fleur bubbled enthusiastically, her accent growing more pronounced the faster she talked.

Tonks thought Remus was quite as handsome as Bill, but she didn’t say so. It wasn’t that important to her, really, and it was nice to be able to pretend they were just silly girls in love together. “And you should see how well he kisses. It’s like… magic.” That sounded ridiculous, and Tonks snorted at herself.

“Was zat you just sounding like ze pig, Tonkz?” Fleur trilled merrily, and they both laughed even harder at the sight of Molly and Bill’s shocked faces peeking at them through the kitchen door. Who knew if it was the sight of Fleur being friendly or Tonks being happy that surprised them more, but they retreated back to the living room together.

“What did you put in their tea, Mum?” Bill asked quietly, and the two women laughed even harder from the kitchen.

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