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Located on a shore of English grounds, the Black Mannor is the house of Melinda Anne Black and Jade Hudson, her step-mother.

This family invites to her friends and family, to spend some time drinking a cup of tea and enjoying a piece of cake, Melinda's specialty.

As you enter, you see the house is decorated in a muggle way, with television, a normal living room and inside it, a chimney, where Melinda lays the picture of her familiy and friends.

Right on the back, you see the kitchen, the most visited place on the house, since Melinda loves to cook and experiment her new plates.

You walk upstairs, you see around many rooms, which are open for anyone who needs room. Melinda's room is surrounded by a library, where she spends most of the time reading novels and investigation.

Downstairs, way downstairs, there is a basement, where Melinda loves to practice her dancing and singing, and it is the place she loves to visit.

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