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Originally Posted by Mamushkaleontti View Post

At the sound of mewing Fabian chuckled and murmured a hello at Shadow, Fex would be amused when he realizes shadow is here for a visit. "Umm, good question. I think I have to ponder over that" he chuckled and ruffled Christian's hair, "I see you had a good time at the feast, think you have room in your tummy for some lemonade? and don't let the pixie's out!" he trailed off in a mumble shiftily eying the Ravenclaw.
Christian was watching Shadow play with the miniature dinosaurs, while he hands worked through his hair, getting it back to it's usual spikeyness. "Must you ruffle the hair..." Straightening it out, he turned back to the cages of pixies.

"Hmm...yes, I did. Mallory and I were having a nice chat about you." He paused to look at Fabian's face, smirking at the suspicious look that appeared. "She mentioned something about you being capable of taking over the world if you put your mind to it...Don't ask," he added. "Frankly, I agree." Fabian seemed like the total world dominator kind of guy.

Christian's hand itched towards the latch that kept the cage shut, but stopped just as Fabian told him not to let them out. Darn... and he turned back to Fabian and smiled. "Mmm, yes Sir, I would like some lemonade..." his voice trailed as he tore his eyes away from Shadow, who was now trying to squish the miniature dinosaurs with his paw.

While waiting, Christian indulged himself in reading one of the article clippings on the wall. It was something about one of Fabian's matches...
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