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you live your life just once, so don't forget about a thing called love.

Christian jumped as he heard a voice behind him. Spinning around on his heels, he eyed the first year that looked like he was liable to faint from nervousness. A smile crept on to his face and he stepped forward. These poor first years, so scared, yet so amusing to watch.

Christian outstretched his hand to the fellow Ravenclaw. "Hello Joseph, I'm Christian...Christian Miles. I'm a fourth year and I'm quite glad to meet a new member of our house. I'm sure you'll represent us well," Christian winked and continued to smile.

"I wouldn't miss Mr. Clark's class for the world. He's an awesome guy," Christian nodded. Now, Christian could have gone through the trouble of lying and saying that Fabian was an EVIL man who was bent on world domination, but the kid looked scared enough, as is. "Did you enjoy the feast?"

Christian eyed another apparent first year. He smiled warmly at her and observed her expression. She seemed to be trying to reason with herself and Christian winked. "He won't bite you know."
Guess who just got back today. Them wild-eyed boys that had been away.
Haven't changed that much to say. But man, I still think them cats are crazy.
They were askin' if you were around. How you was, where you could be found....

Tailz is back in town, Tailz is back in town. =)
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