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Default Prof. Fabian Clark's Office
At the loony bin ❣ Ubiquitous ❣ Brain!nvader ❣ !Wake The Dead¡

As you enter the spacious and slightly noisy room, you’ll find a varying array of cages lined up around the office containing all sorts of small magical creatures and reptiles. Some are anticipating the new visitor, some are curious, others are indifferent.

Around the walls, all sorts of posters are plastered decoratively from Fabian days as a Professional Quidditch Player; random team players, Puddlemere United banners, and some of his favorite matches. In between, you'll spot various creature posters; some educational, some comical. On the wall behind his navy desk, instead you'll find unique beasts and creatures articles and news paper clippings.

The office is decorated with red and blue draping; primary colors are his favorite, thus reflected in his office. Dimly lit or brightly lit. Depends on what time of the day it is or whether the creatures should be asleep or not.

All animals are caged in, don't let them out unless your caring for them! The only two animals lingering freely around his office are Bowser the chicken and Fex the goat.

Clark's office door is always open, feel free to enter for a talk or ask questions about class or homework.
Mermaids, Zombies,...Blackbeard.
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