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Every old Auror goes to Heaven, but he has to stay in Hell a while first.

Since the first day I became an Auror, I had heard the old adage bandied about by the aging Aurors in the office. It didn’t mean a single thing to me until I arrived at Azkaban. It wasn’t exactly where they came to die, but most of those aging Aurors took shifts at Azkaban once they were too old to be in the field. As I stared up at the brick wall in front of me, waves crashing against the old stones and spraying my carefully straightened hair, it wasn’t hard to figure out why they referred to this place as Hell. It was dark and depressing, even without the dementors.

I banged carefully at the hinged doors, immediately having to pull a splinter from my knuckle. This place was miserable, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Except that I sort of had, and now I had to try to make it right again. Having a conscience was such a burden. What must it be like to be a Death Eater and have no conscience at all? I probably never would have had a house fall on me, that was for sure. My newly healed ribs still pulled when I stretched, and I was waiting for the faint pink scar in my hairline to disappear.

Once the wooden door swung open to admit me, I paused in the drafty corridor to straighten myself out. Last time he’d seen me, I was looking particularly grubby and unconscious, and he’d obviously had the upper hand. I don’t know what I was trying to prove by starching my robes so that they barely moved and wrapping my hair in a rather too-stylish French twist. I didn’t really care what he thought of me, afterall. I just didn’t want to be the silly little Hufflepuff in a hole to him. I wanted to be the big impressive Auror. A grown up woman Auror.

The Auror on duty, an ancient man named Grubbin, grinned at me in a charming yet toothless way. It was hard not to smile back at him. “C’mon, girly! Gots to be done by lunch, y’hear? You be done by lunch!”

I nodded and said solemnly, “I’ll be done by lunch, Grubbs. I’ll be done as soon as I can.”

“That’s a good girly. Less’go.” He hobbled down the long corridor, and I scurried after him. After a few hurried steps, I slowed and threw my head back, trying to walk like the calm and cool Auror I knew I was.

Grubbins threw open a door, and I paused outside. So much for calm and cool Auror. There were a lot of things to say, and I wasn’t sure in that moment that I could remember my name.

“Girly!” He pulled back the huge latch on the door and gave me a look. “Less’go! I nodded at him shortly and stepped up the opening door.
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