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Thanks for your patience. This bit got totally away from me, considering I didn't even know Andromeda was IN this chapter. But she is. She's BOSSY, man, and she wants her own fic. Stay tuned to the end for the opportunity to direct the next chapter.

Perhaps a sane person would have felt nothing but hatred for Remus after their scene in the Weasley’s backyard. After all, if she was angry enough to throw things at his fat fussy head and storm off, she should be angry enough to stop loving him. Surely anger and love couldn’t coexist within one small person.

Ah, but it did. Tonks was still so mad at Remus for the things he’d said to her, and she was still completely and hopelessly head over heels for him. Idiot. Both of them, actually, could be considered idiots, and she mentally hexed herself a few new soul bruises every time she considered that day.

And then… and then there was the fact that Remus had admitted he loved her. That part made her feel less like an idiot and more like she had her own little herd of butterflies taking up residence in her stomach. Herd? What did one call a large number of butterflies? Regardless, when she remembered that he loved her, and the way he’d looked at her for a moment, and the brush of mouth and nose across her cheek… well, she was just a different sort of idiot. An idiot for love was what she was.

She’d escaped back to her flat as soon as she left Remus, changed into her rattiest pair of pajamas, and climbed under the afghan on her sofa with a large mug of cocoa laced with something bracing. It took even less time than she would have guessed before there was a knock at her door. What was a really good sulk without her mother there to ruin it with her fussing and plans?

Tonks rolled over and pressed her face against the couch, pretending she didn’t hear the polite knocking that was getting louder by the moment. Blast! Did she need to hang up a sign that said ‘I’d like to sulk for a while. Please call again tomorrow’?

“If you don’t stop sulking, Dora, I shall be forced to blast down your door,” Andromeda said wryly, right through the thick wood. Tonks could picture her carefully pulling off one white glove after the other before breaking down the door, and she decided it was time to get up. Was that woman a mind reader? It wouldn’t surprise Tonks in the least, considering all the times in her childhood that Andromeda had managed to know exactly what sort of trouble her daughter had been up to.

The daughter in question answered the door by jerking it open with colorful language that would have made even old Savage blush. “Mother! You’ll disturb my neighbors and they’ll toss me out of here.”

“I’m not the one shouting vile things in the middle of the night,” she slid past Tonks, giving her shabby pajamas a long unreadable look. “You were quite rude this evening, Dora. I expect you to make amends to Molly immediately tomorrow. The poor dear was positively beside herself when Remus returned the cloak and refused to tell us what happened.” Her silence stretched out thin and taut between the two of them.

Tonks licked her lips and settled on the couch with her afghan and mug again. “We had a fight,” she offered, feeling something tighten first in her stomach and then in her throat. Do. Not. Cry. The orders were very strict, and she obeyed as only an Auror could.

“Lovers’ spat,” Andromeda waved it off as she studied the flat. She had that same unreadable expression on her face, and Tonks sighed.

“I’m not hiding villains in the curtains, Mother. Please sit down,” she gestured at a plushy love seat squashed in between two end tables that brimmed with old mail and half darned socks.

“There’s some of that good breeding,” Andromeda seated herself gracefully. “So, tell us about your spat.” Tonks loathed it when her mother started to speak of herself in plural.

The threads on the afghan seemed to be coming loose, and Tonks pleated them with her fingers. “It was a fight, Mum. I threw my cloak at his head and left him in the garden.” That was as much as she wanted to tell her, but Tonks was certain she’d end up telling the whole story. Mothers were so good at making you talk. It was a wonder the Department of Magical Law Enforcement hadn’t employed a fleet of mothers years ago for interrogation.

“Very good,” Andromeda gave a pert nod. “A lady always leaves a gentleman wanting more. And did you kiss him twice as I told you?”

Tonks felt the blush start in her neck and slide up to her cheeks. “I did,” she admitted. “Well, he kissed me once, and I…” She’d mauled him, really, and she wondered if she’d hurt him with that nasty grab and kiss move. The inside of her own lip was raw from where she’d bitten herself during the angry kiss. “I kissed him once,” she admitted very quietly.

Andromeda was fussing with her gloves, but Tonks knew she had every bit of her attention. “He’s confused, dear heart. My friends at the Ministry tell me that he’d had to live almost all of his life outside of society, and he can’t possibly understand why a lovely girl like you would be interested. We’ll just give him time, shall we?”

“I think he’s lovely,” Tonks said miserably before scrubbing at her eyes. No tears yet, but she could tell they were on their way. It would be so mortifying to lose control and bawl in front of her mother, the queen of all restraint. “He said he loves me too,” she said with a slight hiccup.

“There, I told you,” Andromeda rose and dropped a kiss on Tonks’ forehead before pulling the mug from her hands. She lifted the aghan and snapped it in the air a few times before tucking it around where Tonks lay on her couch. “It was a spat, my Dora. He is stubborn, but you are more so. He is already yours, so now we will just wait for him to realize it.”

“How long will that take?” Tonks yawned and watched her mother turn out all her lights before moving to the door.

“I’m not a Seer, Dora. Your father wants you round for dinner at the end of the week, and I’ll expect you to have spoken with Molly by then. Go to sleep,” she shut the door firmly behind her, and Tonks obeyed like a good little Auror.

So... for the next chapter... shall I skip to the next canon bit, or do you want to see Tonks' trip to Molly's?
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