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You may need to go back and reread the previous Nott post just to get you back into the setting as this scene starts from where that one left off.

Of course she had to make a snide remark after I asked her to keep talking to me so she wouldn’t pass out. At least she was more herself now. "You want me to make conversation? What shall we talk about? Why don't you tell me why you're being so kind?"

She couldn’t figure that one out for herself? Honestly, they picked the oddest people for aurors. "You're hurt," I said, mentally adding the 'badly'. I wasn’t about to add my thoughts from earlier; better she think I was helping her solely out of the goodness of my heart and not a desire to stay a free man. I grunted as I lifted a particularly heavy stone. My back was going to kill me in the morning.

"And you're not going to let me die? I'm shocked." She smiled (or, I guessed she did as there still wasn’t light enough to see by) and stayed still. "Let me help. I want to help."

I sighed and shifted the rest of the rock off her right leg. Forget trying to be nice. She wasn’t buying it anyway. "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, "I'm not a death eater." I'm not even that bad of a guy. Just because my family dabbles in the dark arts and my father is a death eater, doesn't make me heartless... Besides, you think I want to be stuck in here with a stiff?"

"And I wish I could tell you and make you believe me... but I'm not a mindless goon. I believed you the first time. Or at least the second time. You don't have to be a Death Eater to be concerned about your own skin.”

And that’s why she kept making remarks about me being a Death Eater or a bad guy? I rolled my eyes at her and thought they’d better let me off for putting up with this, even if they didn’t believe this was all an accident triggered by the Ministry’s own idiots. "Yeah, that’s it exactly. How is it going to look if you're buried and I'm just sitting there in the corner, twiddling my thumbs and watching?" I replied, making a lot more grunting noises as I shifted the last of the rubble. I collapsed beside her, huffing and puffing. Oh yeah, I was definitely going to have a killer backache in the morning.

"Oh," she answered, and she giggled a bit madly. "So you're still saving your own skin. Are you okay?" She reached out and patted my face. I wasn’t really sure what to think of that, though it wasn’t entirely unwelcome. Even tough guys need a bit of human contact in the midst of a harrowing experience.

"Yeah, I just don't like working like a common muggle," I said and then I paused as I thought I heard voices. "Do you hear that?" I asked Bones.

"I hear you," she mumbled before giggling. "You're being so loud. Be quiet so I can sleep."

"No! You can't sleep yet," I said, worried what the rescuers might think to see her all banged up and unconscious with me just standing here. The noises were getting close but, would they get here in time? “You can sleep after they get here and you tell them I'm not a death eater.”

Susan sighed like she didn’t believe me. "Call for help."

"HELP! We're in here!" I called before realizing I obeyed her order. I cursed myself mentally but, thought I heard a reply. "We're trapped!"

"I think I hear mumbling," I told Bones, my ear pressed against the 'wall'. "I"ve got Bones in here! She's hurt!" I shouted for the benefit of the rescuers. That illicited a few shouts, people calling others over, I guessed.

"You idiot... they're going to think you..." She fell silent as light appeared through cracks in the rubble around them. "Harry?"

“We’re in here,” I shouted and moved toward the light, starting to pull back some of the rock. I finally moved enough to get my hand through when the light went away.

The light came back and grew steadily brighter. Soon rocks began to pull away from the hole to reveal several shadowed faces. "Harry," Bones smiled. Somehow she’d managed to get herself upright but, as soon as she said the name, she slumped against me.

I caught her before she could hit her head again. But, before I could do much of anything else, the aurors were pushing through the remaining rocks and shouting at me to move away from Bones. I rested her carefully on the ground and as soon as I was backing away, the spell hit me and I was suddenly bound. I opened my mouth to defend myself but, they silenced me as soon as had started to say, "Wait."

I cursed mentally as they whisked Bones away, still unconscious and unable to tell them anything at all. It was exactly what I’d feared would happen. Why hadn’t she just stayed laying still? If only she had stayed still like I told her to, she might have been awake to tell them that I wasn’t a bad guy. I was just so angry and couldn’t do a thing about it.

As soon as Bones was away, the aurors surrounded me and were dragging me out of the rubble without any regard to my well being. I was hurt more on that trip out of the house than when it kept crashing down on us. They were cursing me (not literally) the whole time and before I knew what was happening, I was standing outside a tall fortress surrounded by ocean on all four sides. There was no other land in sight and the cliffs were sheer. They made a big deal of snapping my wand in half, though it had to have been Bones’ because we never did recover mine. Served her right after all she’d put me through.

After that, they shoved me into a cell, unbound me, and shoved prison garments on me. At least the Ministry had stopped using dementors for jailors, though the accommodations were much improved. I was alone, bruised, hungry, and certain I’d never leave this place except for the trial where I’d surely be found guilty of crimes I never committed.

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