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Vishuuu! AMAZING stuff, as always!! I have a request, or two-ish. It's an avvy/siggy character set, if you will? I definitely won't need it for atleast another month, probably even two, so there's no rush what so ever!
Pictures: one and two

You can use either or both on the siggy, your choice. For the avvy though, could you use that second picture and 'S.M' as the text? In the corner or something, whatever you think looks right.

Then for the siggy text: Savannah Mae Fifth Year Hufflepuff
And I don't have any pacific needs on the colors or designs or anything I suppose a Gold/Black color scheme would go well other then that I'd rather see what you come up with. The size doesn't matter to me, either.

Thankyou verrry much!!
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