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Default Theme # 41: Incarcerous
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Safe, Sound - and Evil
Theme # 41: Incarcerous

"Are you sure we're safe in here?" Orla asked in a whisper.

Ginny nodded, trying to reassure her close friend. "Safe and sound. No one uses this corridor. And we've locked the door. We'll never get caught."

Still looking a little frightened, Orla added the crushed beetles in the cauldron placed in the middle of the disuses classroom they were hiding in - err, occupying.

"Remind me why we're mixing up this love potion again?" Orla asked nervously.

"So that McLaggen can fall in love with the Giant Squid."

Orla laughed feebly as Ginny took up a huge, wooden spoon and began to stir. A second later, there was smoke all over the room. It was everywhere, and it was escaping from the creaks in the door into the corridor, too. Outside, someone coughed. Badly.

"Oh no, there's someone out there!" Orla jumped half a foot into the air, just as the door crashed open. Ginny's wand was out in an instant.


Ropes flew from the tip of her wand, wrapping themselves tightly around the intruder. He was thrown backwards, all bound up.

"Ouch. You're evil, Weasley."

Ginny grimaced: It was Blaise.
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