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Default Theme # 41: Scourgify
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Of Owls and [Wo]men
Theme # 41: Scourgify

"Your owl's cage is the dirtiest I've ever seen, it, Ronald Weasley! Clean it this instant!"

Molly Weasley's voice escalated and Ron grimaced. They were leaving for Platform nine and three quarters - it would be Ginny's last year, now - and cleaning Pig's cage rested on the never-ending list of things he had forgotten to do.

"I'll do it for you," Ginny offered. "If you let me borrow Pig for a while, that is," she added instantaneously.

Too frantic to refuse, Ron nodded gratefully. "Thanks. Just make sure he meets me back on the way home, I can't risk losing him."

"Thanks!" Ginny called back as she rushed downstairs, half skipping. Pig's cage was dirty, yes, but she did not really mind.


The inside of the cage stood suddenly clean and shiny, and Ginny beamed delightedly at her spellwork. Then, as Pig hooted and whizzed wildly around her in circles, she beckoned the minute owl closer.

"I know he'll be at the station," she half whispered. "Just make sure you nudge and annoy him as much as you can, alright?"

Pig hooted as she left. Within her, all was excitement.
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