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Default Theme # 16: Impedimenta
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A Thousand Impedimentas
Theme # 16: Impedimenta


She had been about to have a swim in the lake, all in her school robes. It was night-time, and it was well past twelve. Ginny knew she could get into trouble for being out this late but, when all was said and done, she could not help it: The wind was lovely, and the weather was lovely, and their combined pull - too much so.

But now she was here, and he was here, too.

"A thousand Impedimentas couldn't slow you down, could they, Zabini?" There was touch of sarcasm to her tones.

He smiled. "No. I'm made of stronger stuff."

She looked up at him, at the tall, muscular figure, and suddenly she had to look away. He was made of stronger stuff, if truth be told. The black hair fell in brown eyes.

The red hair fell in brown eyes, too.

"I heard Potter's interested in you," Blaise said, yawning.

Ginny brushed her silky hair away from her eyes. "I'm not."

"Who, then?"

For a moment, Ginny wanted to give him the real, true answer so badly - But only for a moment. "Michael Corner," she said instead, gathering her robes and leaving.
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