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Default Theme # 17: Imperio
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Back-Up for Two
Theme # 17: Imperio

“You head left, I’ll head right,” Draco Malfoy’s voice rang throughout the abandoned corridor. Blaise’s face was expressionless. Even though the boy was trying his best to sound calm and unconcerned, Blaise knew that he was scared to death.

“If Rodolphus went right, we’re already covered there. The Carrows were with him. They can handle a bunch of stupid Professors.”

“Rodolphus always said he was scared of McGonagall, though.”

“You know he joked.”

“I know.”

Both of them were quiet. In the darkness broken only by the light of their own wands, this feeble attempt at humour sounded clammy and suffocating. Morbid, one might say. Then Draco shook himself out of the trance. “Come on, I’m going. Follow me.”

Blaise nodded. “Get going, I’m backing you up. Just let me make sure this corridor is empty, first. Catch up with you in five minutes. If you see a student – you know the trick.”

Draco nodded. Imperio. That was their trick, the little seven-alphabet spell that had always been one of their most powerful weapons – the Imperius curse.

Once Draco was out of sight, Blaise let his wand fall.

- He had to find Ginny.
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