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Default Theme 7: Confundus
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More Than Just Confunded
Theme 7: Confundus

"So you admit it," Blaise said triumphantly. "Your brother is pathetic, as far as Quidditch skills are concerned."

Ginny stamped her foot on the cold, hard ground in absolute fury, ignoring the sudden pain in her toe - the result of it hitting a pretty large stone in the process. "No. Go wash your ears or something, Zabini. I only said I admitted Hermione used a Confundus charm on that idiot McLaggen. And he deserved it, too!" she added, defensively, at once.

Blaise snorted. "Yeah, right. Sidekick Weasel's girlfriend just knew her pretty boy didn't have it in him to make it on to the team."

Ginny's fist came crashing down. She missed him, and Blaise grinned.

"No exhibitions of muggle duelling with me, Weasley. You can't seriously be trying to punch me. I'm a foot taller than you - Don't mess with the big kids, girl. I won't allow it, you know."

His voice was sickly sweet. That was how he always got to her in the end. Always.

"What do you allow then, Zabini?" she began fiercely. "An exhibition of your idiocy?"

"An exhibition of muggle affection, Weasley," Zabini responded, still sickly sweet.
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