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brilliant!good news...but whr do all this ppl fit in??were they even in d book besides..fenrir..carrows..wendy...gosh...weird...e xtras i hope...oh..i hope films b 3hrs long..plss.

Originally Posted by reddiej View Post
According to Casting Call Pro, five new actors have been cast in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, some of whom might just be extras in the film.

Lord Johnpaul Castrianni is listed as playing a Death Eater.

Katy Newman-Wood plays a Hogwarts student (she had the same role in Order of the Phoenix).

Guy Mannerings plays one of teenage Tom Riddle's fellow classmates.

Nina Voelker will play a new and original character named Wendy Slinkhard.

Daniel Barnett plays a Hogwarts graduate attending Slughorn's party.

We await confirmation from Warner Brothers.
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