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My all time favorite character is Sirius Black! The affection he has shown toward just made my heart go out to him. You could tell that he really loved him and would do anything to protect him (which he did). *sob* I cried when he "fell beyond the veil" (I refuse to admit to myself that he's dead).
As strange as it sounds I also really have started to like Aunt Petunia...well I've started to think of her in a better light I guess). I can't help but feel that there's something important that she knows... I mean, we never knew really knew anything about her in the first four books and then all of the sudden..,POW! All of the sudden she is forced to relive some of the "magic" of her past and she knows something about dementors and she seems to have some kind of memory about Dumbledore, too.
There is always hope...
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