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Tonks' Love for Lupin
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Tonksamelia (Tonks) for short.

Well, we know he was a metamorphmagus like his mother because shortly after he was born Lupin mentioned his hair already changing color like I remember reading that, but i don't know about the Werewolf part...hmmmm.

I was sorely dissapointed when I read they died...I cryed so hard, I had to physically put the book down. I think it made me angry too. It hurt my feelings. Really.

I do love they got married though, shame I didn't get to read the wedding but its wartime so it was only expected to be rushed and Lupin has always been a bit of a loner, he wouldn't have wanted a big to do kinda thing, and Tonks just being so happy that they were finally getting married honestly wouldn't have cared how they did it, she'd have just been the proud wife finally and been happy with that I am sure.

So that didn't dissapoint me, and finding out they were having a baby was just pure joy. I loved how harry made Remus go home to his wife for her and the baby....that was "bloody brilliant" as Ron would say!

I'm jut sad they didn't get to see their son grow up and become the man he is.
To me that just seems so unfair....
Alright well I've said my peace and I hope I didn't bore anyone, but I had been wanting to get that off my chest.
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