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Originally Posted by starlightangel View Post
I didn't cry, there was nothing to cry about. I was so disappointed, but i didn't hate the book. I was expecting so much more from JKR and yet there was nothing.

There were a few deaths, and we were told to expect a blood bath.
I agree completely. I was somewhat disapointed with the conclusion of the book; I believe it would have been far more fitting to have Harry die. My favorite book was HBP because the ending, DD's death and funeral, was so emotional and heartfelt. I never experienced a tear-jerking, or even intensly sorrrowful, moment in the seventh book. I also thought that Harry's little forray into the afterlife was a bad idea plot-wise. I also thought Snape wasn't handled extremely well.

That being said, it was still a very good book and an outright phenomenal series. Let the days of rereading begin!

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