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Well, I just loved the movie.

We just got home from seeing it again. I can't remember another movie I've EVER seen twice at the movies. This one was really worth it.

It's so fantastic to think that the director stuck to the book quite well (better than the last two, I thought).

I thought it was too short (but then I could watch a 7 HOUR movie of HP, quite happily... So that's no real surprise), but I thought it really left out a lot of scenes I'd been hanging out for.

Overall it's bloody brilliant. No doubt it's my favourite HP Movie so far. Absolutely wonderful.

When's the next one? hehe

Here's my breakdown:
(I'm sure I'll think of more but this is it for now)

The things it left out are:
SPOILER!!: left out:

Marietta is missing entirely, I was looking forward to the 'snitch' boils!
There was no mention AT ALL of the mysterious locket.
There was not enough done inside Grimmauld place. I wanted to see Mrs Black's painting yelling!
They didn't go through the room of time, I was really hanging out to see the ever-hatching bird!!!
There was no Rita Skeeter, or no Quibbler interview! Also no Valentines day outing for Harry and Cho. But mainly the quibbler interview, I thought this was a big one to leave out.
No visit to St Mungos. I was looking forward to that. Also, that means no visit to Lockhart (no great loss), but, it left out the trio seeing Bode being delivered the plant of doom, and missed out on meeting Neville's parents.
But, worst of all, they left out THE SWAMP! No Weasley Swamp. I was SO looking forward to that

The things I thought were odd were:
SPOILER!!: odd bods:

Filch removing the paintings, where did that come from, and what did it achieve?
No Firenze. Trelawney was sacked, but not replaced! how odd.

Things I thought shouldn't have been done:
SPOILER!!: eeek!:

Cho taking the fall for dobbing the DA in (even if it later turned out it was done under veritaserum).

The things I wish were different are:
SPOILER!!: different:

The veil room *should* look like an amphitheatre, with seating around the edges and the archway on a platform. Not like a cave with rocks, all dark and scary.
There was nowhere near enough of Kreacher. And Buckbeak was missing (although this didn't make any difference to the story, I just think he's really cool!)
The Centaurs didn't talk enough (or at all, I don't think). They need to have had a go at Umbridge for calling them half-breeds.
There was no discussion of the "Dumbledore's Army" name, and how it came about. It just appeared on the parchment...

Did you notice:
SPOILER!!: notice:

The "M" logo for the Ministry of magic is the exact same lettering as the "W" logo for the Weasley twins' business? Only upside down!!! Really making the statement that they're the opposition to the ministry!

What I didn't like:
SPOILER!!: yuk:

Not much, actually. DEFINATELY not enough of Ginny. Her scenes were ridiculously lacking. Ditto Lupin.
Dudley's speech. What's the story with that? He's 'unattractive' enough without help! Dudley's supposed to be a big meanie, a little on the dull side, but this just made him look like he needed to be institutionalised!
Also, Uncle Vernon looked ill. I know he's a big guy, and hey, I used to weigh more than he does (not anymore thank goodness) but, he really, seriously, looked ill.

The Sexy Beasties award goes to:
SPOILER!!: woo hoo!:

Definately Sirius and Remus.
Sirius is looking just totally sexy in this movie. Love the scene at Xmas in the kitchen at Grimmauld Place. Gosh he looks gorgeous standing in the doorway.
Remus has put on some weight and it looks great on him.
Tonks was gorgeous. Just how I imagined her. Very nice.
Oh, and, all of the trio are looking great, although, being not much older than my kids, I'll refrain from comment or adding them to the 'sexy' list.

The best bits were:
SPOILER!!: Best bits:

Harry and Sirius fighting alongside each other. A bit moving when Sirius called Harry "James" just before he died... (It was mumbled, did you hear it?)
The end scene fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort. The Glass shatterring into DD's Patronus was amazing.
Oh, and, when Dumbledore disappeared with Fawkes after the DA was discovered, that was sooooo cool!

That's it. Hope someone liked my roundup!

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