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Edit: This chapter of the fic has been removed from the story as it is no longer canon. I left it in place for the sake of curiosity.

I always intend to respond to everyone's comments, and I promise to do so for this post. I love to hear from you, so for those who lurk and those who comment... let me know what you liked or even what you'd like to see. I have to be true to the story, but that doesn't mean I can't go off on a tangent from time to time.

I want to comment on the 'Tonks was a Hufflepuff' issue. I was working on the assumption that Tonks was a Gryffindor, although my betasister tells me that it makes sense for Tonks to have been a Slytherin. In retrospect, though, I don't think the Tonks I write is incompatible with her being a Hufflepuff. If you don't agree, I can tell you why.

Another cliffhanger. To all of you who have waited too long.

The nice thing about an Auror’s salary was that it was actually pretty good money. The pay was high, considering they were constantly in the face of danger, and the perks were some of the best at the Ministry, including full medical care and a very generous stipend to the family should an Auror die in the line of duty. Tonks lived well within her means, as she owned a small flat in Kings Cross and wore mostly second hand t-shirts and ratty jeans. She had few luxuries, and one of them was to buy nice things for her mother.

Andromeda Tonks was a proud woman, as was befitting her ancestry. She refused any offers from Tonks of money to supplement her savings, and she refused the offer to come and live in the tiny flat. She’d actually called Tonks’ neighborhood degenerate, and she’d scoffed at the tiny loo and Muggle kitchen. It didn’t bother Tonks, who rather thought living with her mother was too great a trial for a daughter of any age.

For Christmas, Tonks had the excuse of overshopping for her mother, and she stepped out of the Floo into her mother’s house with a stack of packages. She’d spent almost an entire paycheck on various dress robes and sundries she was sure her mother needed and didn’t have the means to buy. There was even a huge box of Honeydukes chocolate covered pumpkin seeds, which her mother loved but absolutely denied having ever tried. Ted Tonks used to buy her a box every Christmas, and Andromeda had put them out ‘for guest consumption.’ She’d actually eaten every one of them herself.

“Hello, Nymphadora,” Andromeda looked magnificent in rich burgundy dress robes as she straightened the holiday décor that Tonks’ entrance had thrown asunder. She was possibly the only person Tonks knew that dressed up for a night at home, but it made the clean t-shirt Tonks had chosen seem a bit underdressed. At least it didn’t have any holes.

“Where can I put these, Mum?” Tonks shifted the packages and made her way towards the sofa. Her arms were nearly falling off, and she wanted to put everything down before she dropped them. Again. The gifts still managed to look fairly presentable, and Tonks wanted to keep them that way.

“Under the tree, of course,” Andromeda didn’t offer her assistance, and Tonks somehow managed to get her stack of presents tucked under the tree. She accepted the mug of eggnog shoved into her hands and watched her mother kneel down to stack the gifts in some precise way that pleased her and confused Tonks.

“You’re looking thin, dear,” the woman didn’t even turn her head as she worked. How she knew this was a mystery to Tonks, as her mother hadn’t so much as glanced at her since she arrived.

“Don’t be absurd,” Tonks sat abruptly on the couch, sloshing the eggnog. So much for a clean t-shirt. “You and I both know that how I look has nothing to do with how I am. I could put on 10 pounds in a heartbeat, but it wouldn’t mean a thing.”

“Nonsense,” Andromeda sat back on her heels to admire her work, shifted the top package a quarter of an inch, and was satisfied. “You and I also both know that you haven’t been able to change your appearance since the fall.” Tonks didn’t have anything to say to that, which was just as well. Andromeda had plenty to say for them both.

“I saw your young man at the Ministry the other day. I was down at the Ministry, and I popped in at Werewolf Support Services,” she was about to make the story a long one, so Tonks interrupted.

“What were you doing at the Ministry?”

“I was visiting a friend. Now listen, dear, and don’t interrupt. I’ve told you how rude it is. As I was saying, I popped in at Werewolf Support Services to discuss the fundraiser the ladies and I are working on. They weren’t very polite,” she shook her head ruefully. Bad manners were a result of bad breeding, she’d always insisted. And bad breeding had nothing to do with bloodlines or wealth, because she had quite a few relatives who should have been disciplined more severely as children.

“Regardless, your Mr. Lupin was there to discuss employment options. I had a few choice words with him regarding his behavior,” she was starting to enjoy the tale, but it was interrupted again.

“You didn’t! Mother! He is not my Mr. Lupin, and you’re just going to make things worse. What did you say?” It was a bit like watching a Quidditch accident. She wanted to cover her ears and pretend that her mother hadn’t mortified her, but she couldn’t help but hear the worst of it.

Andromeda sniffed and poured them both more eggnog. “I’m not a meddler, my dear.” She ignored Tonks snort. “I merely told him that you were both behaving abominably, and that he couldn’t just ignore you because he was uncomfortable with his feelings. He’s in love with you, my dear.”

Tonks felt like a cloud of burning butterflies were settling in her stomach. “Did he say that?” Ugh… why did her voice sound all whispery and girlish?

“No,” her mother acknowledged. “He told me he never intended to grieve you, and that he would owl you directly after the holidays to make amends.”

“Well, that’s something,” the heavy drink was making Tonks feel sick, and she set the cup aside. “Tell me that you let him go after that. You spared me of any more ridicule.”

Andromeda clucked her tongue unsympathetically. “To the contrary, my dear, I felt it was my duty to give him the tongue-lashing he deserved. Such a foolish boy, and with so little confidence in himself. I do think you’ll have quite a lot of work convincing him that the two of you belong together, but once you do…” She smiled cryptically.

Tonks wanted every single detail of that conversation, especially what her mother had specifically said and how Remus had looked. They’d had a full moon recently, and he always looked worst just after the moon. Her mouth was actually hanging open to ask when they were interrupted by a sharp knock at the door.

“You must be conspiring against me, for I’m never going to finish this story,” Andromeda rose gracefully and made for the door. “Close your mouth, Nymphadora. It’s unladylike to gape.”

“Who’s a lady?” She flung herself sideways on the couch, her legs over the arm and her head hanging nearly off the cushion. A moment later, she’d fallen completely off the couch at the sight of their visitor.

“Why, Rufus… what a surprise. How good of you to stop by. And is that Percy Weasley with you? I just had tea with your mother last week, Percy. She’d love to hear from you.”

You should read this.

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