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No one guessed it... and I think you'll be disappointed. But I'm not... because I had a lot of fun writing this new character... someone who been mentioned only by name and so I could do whatever I pleased with.

Dedicated to the five guessers, to Christy who calls me to harass me, and to Cass who forced me to RP with her tonight so I couldn't get this done until late. Evil woman.

I did a few new things in here... I hope it works out.

The top envelope on a pile of matching envelopes had arrived the very day Katie Bell received the cursed necklace. Just as she had with the rest, Tonks tossed the envelope onto her “letters from Molly” pile and went on with her day. It had, apparently, been a mistake, as the letter expressed Molly’s dismay at Tonks’ extended silence. She’d be sure to do something completely drastic if Tonks refused yet again to respond and visit for tea.

I’ll tell your mother.

And so Andromeda Black Tonks chose that particular November morning to call on her wayward daughter. If it weren’t such a shock to Tonks’ system to see her fiery yet diminutive mother, she would have laughed at how Dawlish and Savage leapt to their feet and tried to straighten themselves out.

Her mother was a great beauty, especially considering she looked half her age and carried the classic Black good looks. Today, Andromeda Tonks looked immaculate in a Muggle-cut suit, complete with white gloves that would have looked ridiculous on anyone who wasn’t a Black. Her dark hair was swept up into an elaborate bun, as lustrous and dark as it was the day she was married. All in all, Andromeda gave the general appearance of a stylish Muggle lady, an ironic twist to those who knew she came from a proud pureblood family.

“Nymphadora!” She pulled off one glove, her eyes on the careful sliding of each finger from the thin fabric. Tonks pulled a face, and the careful sliding stopped. “Shall I chastise you here, or will you at least leave your workplace for me?”

“Let me buy you a drink, Mum… Mother,” Tonks stepped forward and took her mother’s elbow, guiding her from the room. Dawlish and Savage still had that look on their face, as if a centaur had sat on their heads and they weren’t sure if they’d enjoyed it or not. Andromeda allowed herself to be led right back out the front door and across the street to the Hog’s Head.

“I want your freshest spring water, room temperature, with a twist of lime. Clean the glass thoroughly before you… don’t you use that rag in your fist either, Aberforth Dumbledore! I saw you wiping the counter with it just a moment ago,” Andromeda bustled past the counter, leaving Tonks to cast Aberforth an apologetic glance. Only a Black could order a glass of warm water and make it an event.

“She’ll have a glass of your richest Valpolicello, try to make the glass look clean,” Tonks grinned and plunked a few galleons on the counter, most for the wine she was ordering for her mother. “And I need a firewhiskey. Big glass. Big clean glass.” Aberforth shook his head, clearly not offended in the least, and went back to his countertop. He’d serve them when he felt like it. Excellent.

Tonks fell into the chair across from her mother and crossed her arms across her electric blue t-shirt. One of her heavy boots beat out a rhythm against her chair leg. “What are you doing here? Do you realize that any credibility I have at all with these guys is hard-earned because I’m little and I’m a girl? And then my mommy shows up… and I have to start all over again.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Nymphadora,” she finished peeling her gloves off and glanced scornfully at the pitted, dirty table. Being unable to find a clean spot to rest them, Andromeda immediately set about putting the gloves back on. All an effort to avoid eye contact. “I cannot abide you being rude to our friends, Nymphadora.”

“Mother, I believe I’ve told you that I prefer to be addressed as Tonks,” she set both hands on the table and took a few deep calming breaths as Aberforth set down two sloshing glasses in front of them. Andromeda didn’t question the expensive glass of wine versus the glass of water, simply sniffing and sipping the liquid as if they were dining in Paris instead of a grungy pub.

“That’s never made sense to me. I’m a Tonks. Your father is a Tonks. You have a perfectly lovely name, Dora,” she finally gave in and took a mouthful.

“Romy,” Tonks shot back and was rewarded with the ghost of a smile. Andromeda Black Tonks would certainly never permit anyone to call her by a nickname, but in the sanctuary of her own home, she let her husband break all sorts of those strict societal rules she still maintained after all these years. He was the only person who had ever been allowed to call her anything close to a nickname, just as Andromeda and Ted were the only ones allowed to call Tonks by any other name.

The smile reminded Tonks of a late night conversation she’d had with her cousin Sirius. He’d been drinking coffee, waiting for someone or other to come back from their rounds at the Ministry, and Tonks was keeping him company.

”Y’look like your mother,” his voice was a little slurred from the late night and the mug of mead and he squinted at her before giving her head a pat.

“I don’t,” Tonks protested with a laugh, squirming from under his hand. “My mother is beautiful.”

“’Dromeda was my favorite cousin,” he said wistfully, staring into his mug. “Y’know why?” Tonks shook her head, fascinated by this bit of connection to her Black roots. She had no Black roots, her mother had always insisted, but here they were… in Sirius. “She smiled. Cissy and Bella never smiled, but yer mum was sweet. Right nasty one too, but she smiled and you knew she had blood in her veins. Not ice and poison like the other two.”

“Dora,” her mother’s voice was softer now. This was the mother she’d grown up with, the mother who WAS a mother to her. She put on the Black persona from time to time, mostly in public where she had to show that being cast out didn’t bother her, but she’d been able to be a soft place to land for her family when they needed it. “I can forgive you for ignoring dear Molly, although she’s absolutely beside herself over it, but I can’t forgive you for not telling me sooner. Is it Bill?”

“No!” Tonks pulled a face that drew a delightful laugh from her mother. “Bill is lovely, but he’s marrying… have you met her?”

“She’s lovely,” Andromeda insisted, sipping her wine once again. “I can’t understand a word she says, and that’s lovely as well. I imagine girls like that are much nicer to look at when you don’t have to put up with their opinions, don’t you? But Bill was terribly good looking, don’t you think?”

Tonks chuckled. “Terribly,” she agreed. “What do you think of Remus Lupin?” Her tone was forced casual, but she was holding her breath. A mother’s opinion meant too much sometimes.

“Your cousin Sirius’ friend?” She paused to consider it, the wineglass glinting in a flash of light from the swinging door. “There is the fact that he’s a werewolf.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?” Tonks positively bristled. Her mother, of all people, should know better than to judge a man by such things. She’d married a Muggleborn man, hadn’t she?

“Don’t spit at me like an angry kneazle, Nymphadora,” Andromeda responded calmly, then picked up immediately in her same calm, infuriating voice. “I merely point it out because it bears consideration. Now, as I was saying. He’s really a much better choice, now I think of it. Older, responsible, kind… not handsome in that flashy way that Bill is, of course…”

“He’s handsome,” Tonks put in once again, indignantly.

“You really must learn appropriate manners for adult conversation, Dora love. You interrupted. Again. Not flashy like Bill, but I think he’ll give me very lovely grandchildren.” She raised an eyebrow at Tonks’ blush. “Too much?”

“Too much, too fast, too optimistic. He wants nothing to do with me,” Tonks took a large, burning gulp of her firewhiskey. “I’m in love with my best mate, and he won’t even talk to me anymore. He hates me.”

“He doesn’t hate you,” Andromeda wiped an invisible smudge from her glass and glared at the table as if it should be cleaner, before setting down her glass. “In fact, it’s probably quite the opposite. So you’ve been overworking yourself out of some sort of misplaced desire to work the man out of your system. That will work until this assignment ends or you die of exhaustion. I’m betting the latter will happen first. Now, this is what you’re going to do…”

“There’s nothing to do, Mother. I have a job to do, and I’ll do it. Simple.”

“This is what you are going to do. You’ll go back and work your little Auror skills. You’ll have Christmas with myself or the Weasleys. You will allow me to take you shopping for something more suitable to wear in winning the heart of a gentleman, rather than a rock star or a side show freak. And we will begin to formulate a plan of action to convince Mr. Lupin that he is in fact already in love with you.” She took in Tonks’ astonished look. “You have something to add?”

“I…” Where to begin? Her mother was infuriating and stubborn… but she did make Tonks feel better. “I’m on probation. I can’t use my ‘little Auror skills.’”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I was at the Ministry just this morning and had a word with that terribly attractive Shacklebolt man. You’re to get back to work immediately,” Andromeda rose and straightened her still-immaculate suit.

She didn’t give Tonks a chance to respond to all this astonishing news, nor to ask what her mother was doing hanging around the Ministry. “In fact, if you’ll excuse me, I really should be getting back to the ladies on my committee. Society for the Inclusion of Werewolves, dear. I’ve only just joined, but they’ve asked me to be the chairwoman. We have a benefit next week. I’ll send you an owl on it.” She was waving and already heading for the door before Tonks had the presence of mind to toss back the rest of her firewhiskey and leap to her feet.


“Send Rufus a nice owl thanking him for your job back, Dora. Aberforth, I know you didn’t just blow your nose with that cleaning rag. I suggest you learn a few cleaning spells before the Ministry hears about you.” And she had disappeared into the sunlight of Hogsmeade, blinding all the inhabitants of the dim pub.

“Tonks love, what did I tell ye ‘bout bringing yer mother in here?” Aberforth shook a clean rag at her and turned his back to Tonks.

“She brought me,” she protested weakly, heading for the blinding sunlight herself.

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