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For all of you who read AND responded... thanks, guys. It made me want to post again soon just for you . This is short and a little bizarre, but it had to be played out this way. It surprised me a bit too... especially the ending. I think I'll say I won't post again until at LEAST five people offer their theories on the cliffhanger. I'm just that mean.

There were three immediate results of that Hogsmeade weekend. First, and least in Tonks’ estimation, was that they had to reschedule the Fletcher sting operation. It was short work for Aberforth Dumbledore to send off a short, cranky note to Mundungus demanding he do a better job avoiding detection the next time they did business together. Dung fell all over himself to set up a meeting in an abandoned flat in Knockturn Alley, and the attempt went off without a hitch.

Not that Tonks was in any way involved. No… for the second result was much more far reaching. It seemed that one of the Gryffindor girls who had nearly run over Tonks in Hogsmeade was Katie Bell. Ms. Bell had the misfortune of being hit by an Imperio and given a cursed necklace to deliver to the castle. Things had gone badly for Bell, and she was now tucked deep inside St. Mungo’s. They said the bone-wracking pain was diminishing, but she had long periods of inscrutable babbling, the only recognizable words involved breakfast foods and the word “silver”.

“The necklace, of course,” Savage shrugged and propped his feet up on Tonks’ cleared desk. She was on suspension, due to the fact that she’d let the girl pass her and had not immediately searched The Three Broomsticks for a suspect. Never mind the fact that Proudfoot had been in the Three Broomsticks at the time and that Dawlish had been in charge of watching the path to Hogwarts.

Still, she had nowhere she’d rather be and Tonks knew she couldn’t be far from Harry and her mission to protect those children, so she stayed on. No one had said a word to her about it.

“Or just madness,” Dawlish put in, his tone uncertain. It was a common argument they’d had over and over. Bell was their only witness, and they could only hope that dissecting her words would somehow lead them to the truth. Who was the necklace intended for and who gave it to Bell?

“It could be some sort of distinguishing feature,” Tonks put in from her perch on the window seat. Savage gave her a look that was patronizing, but not mean. Funny how much nicer he was to her now that she was persona non grata with Scrimgeour.

He shook his head. “Silver jewelry? A watch? Everyone wears them. Even Rosmerta has those big dangling ear-things that match her silver shoes. What makes Bell notice it enough to mention it?” He turned a bit pink at Rosmerta’s name.

Tonks sighed and pulled her legs up like a little girl. “Maybe not jewelry. A physical feature? Hair color?” She thought of a French girl with long silvery blonde hair that would look very nice in Azkaban rags. Ugh… where did that come from? Just because she’d received an owl yesterday with a very pink wedding invite attached…

“I know what you’re thinkin’, girly,” Savage nodded as if all the wisdom of the world was at his disposal. He wiggled his toe at her through a hole in his sock. Tonks gave him a startled look, but it wasn’t the toe. Was Fleur on his list of suspects too, or was she just that transparent? He continued. “But Lucius Malfoy is in Azkaban. I owled to be sure.” He seemed very smug to have proven his point.

“And Draco was in detention, I know,” Tonks said patiently. They’d had this conversation so many times already, and it always ended the same way. “Rather conveniently.”

“Draco Malfoy is too young to be a suspect,” Dawlish retorted, as indignant as his good nature allowed. Tonks would have thought Dawlish was Draco’s father the way he stuck up for him, but she was unfortunate enough to know Lucius Malfoy personally. Dawlish was a much better man.

“Draco is both a Malfoy and a Black,” Tonks steepled her fingers, ever the voice of reason. “If that doesn’t speak volumes for what he’s capable of, I don’t know what else will.” But he had an alibi… it was just fun to stir the little man-boys up.

“And Dumbledore said…” But Dawlish’s attempt to roll out the sage words was overpowered by the loud clang clang clang of the doorbell.

They all paused to hear Proudfoot move from his office to answer the door. Muffled voices in the hall followed, and Tonks leapt to her feet, her eyes actually shooting towards the door and the low window just to check. Muffled or not, she knew exactly who was at the door.

Today’s argument had ended differently after all. Approaching the Auror’s office was the third and final result of that Hogsmeade weekend, and this result had been caused by four little words.

You should read this.

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