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Nymphadora Tonks –

As per your last note, I can clearly see you consider me to be an idiot. Taking your opinion into serious consideration, I find that you are indeed correct. Perhaps you would be willing to meet with me in order to discuss the depths of my idiocy and what measures must be taken in order to reduce its effects on those around me. Three Broomsticks at 2 o’clock.

Remus J. Lupin

There weren’t nearly enough hours in the day to prepare for a meeting with an entirely idiotic, completely endearing, and undeniably lovely man named Remus. The owl had come early, but Tonks still found herself staring at her bed at 1:50. The bed itself was piled high with every article of clothing Tonks owned, including many items she’d never actually worn. Her mother was a busybody, Tonks declared as she tossed several frilly blouses and skirts of inappropriate length over her shoulder towards the closet.

Her fine collection of vintage t-shirts and ripped jeans suddenly seemed juvenile. With a heavy sigh, Tonks fell onto the bed and was immediately engulfed by a rainbow cascade of t-shirts and other apparel. Muffling her groan with a pillow, Tonks decided to forego the embarrassment that awaited her. She was not going to meet the idiot. She was going to lie on her bed and let the clothing devour her whole.

“I always thought death by clothing would be the way to go,” she knew the voice even before she pulled the clothes off her head and peered at the doorway. Merlin, he was in her room! And she was starting to act like a hormone-driven teenager! Honestly, he’d been in her room before. “I thought I’d walk you to the pub.”

Remus’s smile was almost a smirk as he leaned against the door frame, his arms crossed. With no concern for a graceful exit, Tonks tumbled out of the bed and tossed the whole lot haphazardly onto the floor. “I was cleaning out my closet,” she offered lamely, her cheeks slightly pink.

“Mmhmm,” his glance moved to the pile on the floor. “Did you open the door and it all just fell on you? I warned you about not using the hooks. Did I not warn you?”

“You warned me,” she said blandly. “Can we go?”

“I can help with this,” he offered, his countenance going from smug man to excited boy in a moment. “We could even get you one of those Muggle contraptions. The ones that you unfold and it hangs…”

Tonks shoved something unmentionable under the bed with her foot and turned even more pink. “I’m thirsty!” she nearly shouted, before adding, “And we were going to solve your idiot problem.”

He nodded sagely. “Oh, yes… my idiot problem. I think perhaps that conversation does involve beverages. Perhaps not of the thirst-quenching kind.” He offered his arm, and she took it willingly. Who still offered a girl his arm just for walking? And she was just wearing a t-shirt too. Who offered an arm to a girl in a t-shirt? Remus had class.

The day was brisk, the air sharp and slightly tangy. Tonks enjoyed the clarity of the fall air on some remote level, just as she was aware of the few Hogsmeade citizens they passed without even really acknowledging them. It was her Auror training at its finest, picking up and processing information around her without ever disturbing the myriad of womanly emotions she was trying to muddle through. She saw the dark man in the voluminous cloak step out of an alley, and she saw the two small children fussing in front of Honeydukes. She saw it all without really seeming to look, and if pressed she could have told detailed accounts of their heights, ages, distinguishing marks, what the man was carrying beneath his left arm, and what bit of melted chocolate something the two toddlers had been fighting over.

The Three Broomsticks was almost deserted, which wasn’t odd for a Monday afternoon in September. Rosmerta bustled behind the counter and sent a tray of butterbeers spinning their way without a second glance. It wasn’t much for customer service, but Tonks appreciated the privacy the witch in the ruby slippers was affording them. Remus didn’t speak, and Tonks was tired of running through her insecurities over and over. It made her bold. It made her foolish.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” she popped the top off the butterbeer and took a sip. She kept the bottlecap in hand so she’d have something to fiddle with in case things went suddenly awkward. Well, more awkward. It would also make a rather keen projectile if he decided to continue on as an idiot.

His mouth opened and shut a few times before he settled on something to say. “I have,” he agreed. “I’ve behaved very poorly, and I’d like to beg your forgiveness.”
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