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'Nother one for Von... and she wanted some Figgy too

Pretties: #86 Daring

“It’s pretty,” Arabella Figg fingered the fabric of the dressing gown Tonks had given her. She glanced at the pink-haired woman stroking two cats on the couch before touching the gown again.

“Ganked it from my Aunt Walburga’s wardrobe, and I thought of you. Sirius doesn’t need it.” Tonks grinned at the older Squib woman she’d come to think fondly of over the past few months.

“Too fancy for me. What would I do with something so daring?” Her fingers lingered on the silk.

“I think Mundungus would rather like it. I think he fancies you,” Tonks offered. Arabella sputtered.

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