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Originally Posted by oja
OMG!! THAt is soo cool! PAMS!!!!!!!
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! A new post is coming soon...

Originally Posted by lena lovegood
how could you possibly lose readers when your story is so amazing?!?! don't be silly! i loved this last post inperticular becuase of hermione's slightly mixed/confused feelings. it makes sense that she isn't sure if she loves him becuase they just got together and they were good friends before. i love it! can't wait for the next post!!
Thanks so much! But yeah, I feel like I'm losing readers... and I don't know why... ha ha! And I'm glad you liked the last post, I needed to put in some juicy Hermione stuff, so I did.

Originally Posted by Agos
Okay..ron's stupid, did you all know that? And I'm a member of his fan club urg! Stupid me!

And Ginyn and got an A in acting! +

yes! Ron is stupid! Ha ha! Posting soon!

Originally Posted by whende
Oooooooooh, me like that one. It was loooooooong and haaaaaaaaaaaappy..... sort of PAMS! Oh, and funny....
lol. Thanks whende!

Originally Posted by adah
Ohhhh!!!! great update...
I hope you can post more soon...
Thank you! And I will!

Originally Posted by Mione

I love it!! Now I can go to bed in complete harmony lol. Ginny and Harry are being baAaAaAa :mwuha:'s great.

*covers eyes* Hermione doesn't know if she loves RON!!?!?!? Girl, how could you not?!? Hmm..this is going to be interesting to see her work out. Hopefully soon? *crosses fingers* Hermione and Ron just have a diffrent kind of love than Harry and Ginny...come on Hermy don't give up hope yet!!

*tackleglompsCai* PAMS PAMS PAMS PAMS
Yay! Mione's back! Yes, Ginny and Harry are being sneaky... ha ha! And trust me, it will be interesting for Hermione! *tackleglompsMioneback* I will!

** Omg! I have to tell you guys something! My friend is trying to set me up with a guy, and I saw a picture of him... and he's really cute! Yay! I hope it works... wish me luck in not embarrassing myself... ha ha! Post coming soon!
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