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Default Theme # 26: Quill
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Of Evil Quills

Theme # 26: Quill

“Did you bring what I asked you to, Mr. Nott?” Dolores Umbridge asked in a honeyed voice. Theodore forced himself not to swear; he hated her more than, perhaps, Harry himself, for she was not letting them learn; but he wanted to learn defensive techniques only because he had rowed with Ginny Weasley twice in the past week.

“Yes, Professor,” he said, handing her a quill with an unusually sharp and pointed end. A cunning smile spread over Umbridge’s countenance.

“Thank you, Mr. Nott,” she said softly. “And remember – Not a word to anyone.”

“I will, Professor,” Theodore said, suddenly smiling. And he would be sure to land Ginny Weasley in detention, too, he thought as he left.
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