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Default Theme # 25: Sorting Hat
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True Slytherins ... Don't Blush

Theme # 25: Sorting Hat

Theodore drummed his thin fingers along the side of his house table as the first years were sorted. Midgets, he thought dispassionately.

“Slytherin,” the hat shouted and a tiny first year stumbled over to their table, blushing madly.

“What’s your name?” Malfoy shot at him immediately.


“You don’t blush in Slytherin,” Malfoy said disgustedly. “Get a grip.”

“E – E – Euan,” the boy stammered.


“Euan What?” Malfoy demanded.

“M-mind y-your own business,” the boy squeaked.

It was Malfoy’s turn to blush now.

“You don’t blush in Slytherin, mate,” Theodore said, smirking, and he threw a napkin at Malfoy. “Get a grip.”
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