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Default Theme # 22: Kneazle
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When Kneazles Attack ...

Theme # 22: Kneazle

Maybe he should be nicer to Luna, Theodore reflected as he watched her leave a classroom, carrying what looked like a shapeless log.

“Hello, Luna,” he said.

“It’s part Kneazle,” Luna said dreamily, without replying to his greeting, and pointing to what she was carrying. “Kneazles are forming an army to take over the Ministry by turning people into Kneazles, too.”

Theodore couldn’t help it; he snorted.

“They are,” Luna insisted, eyes half-closed. Suddenly, the cat jumped down from her hands and poked its sharp claw in Theodore’s socks. He yelped.

“And did I mention –? They bite.”

And Luna walked away.
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