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Default Hat Trick
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Dedicated to the ever patient Kris, who chose the number. And has to drabble plaid for me in exchange. So not fair.

Hat Trick: #47 Portkey

“I just don’t understand, Andi. It looks like a hat,” the poor man scrubbed his dark curls, staring at the misshapen bowler his wife held.

“He doesn’t get it, Mum,” a tiny girl with similar curls offered from the couch. She bounced with pent-up energy.

“Listen to me, Ted. It’s not a hat.”

“It looks like a hat.”

“It is a hat, Mum,” Tonks volunteered, and her mother gave her the look.

“It’s also a hat,” Andromeda gave in.

“But you said it would take Nymphadora and I to the match. How can a hat…?”

“He doesn’t get it, Mum.”
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