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I completely blacked out and forgot to dedicate the socks fic to Jan for picking the number for me... THANKS JANHONEY. So this one is for her. She loves Snape.

Resolve Face: #8 Potions

“Please, sir,” Tonks leaned against the desk and knocked over the inkwell. She stared at the spread of black ink before turning her gaze back to the blank stare in front of her.

“Absolutely not.”

“Sir,” her hands went to her hips and Snape recognized the stubborn stance. “I got an O on my Potions OWL. You have to let me take the class.”


“I am taking NEWT level Potions, Professor!”

“There aren’t enough cauldrons in the world to see us through this school year, Miss Tonks. You’ll pay for any damages to my classroom yourself.”

Tonks yelped triumphantly.

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