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Default Theme # 28: Timeturner
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Author’s Note:
For anyone who doesn’t get what this drabble means – Kindly type in “August 6, 1945” in your Search Engine. Thanks.

Meddling With Time

Theme # 28: Timeturner


Theodore looked up, finding that he had bumped into Hermione, knocking her off her feet. She looked around frantically, and he noticed something lying nearby.

As he picked it up, Hermione tried to wrench it away from him. Suddenly, he was rushing through a whirlwind of noise. Then he landed, in some sort of Japanese building.

“Where are we?” Theodore demanded, raising an eyebrow. Biting her lip, Hermione pointed to the calendar on the nearest wall, showing the day’s date.

“So what?” Theodore asked, without looking.

“My time-turner’s broken,” Hermione replied in a choked whisper, staring, horrified, at the Calendar – The date read: August 6, 1945.

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