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Arrow Theme # 24: House Elf
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Sweet Revenge

Theme # 24: House Elf

Theodore Nott had always longed for a House Elf.

Not one like this, however.

“Young master called?” Kreacher asked, bowing, adding in an undertone, “Oh, and the shame of being given to the Nott boy, oh the shame, the shame.”

“What have you been doing in my room?” Theodore thundered.

“Kreacher has been cleaning,” came the reply, followed by a “Kreacher must save the sacred –”

“Sacred what?” Theodore demanded sharply.

“Kreacher is cleaning,” the House Elf replied, slinking away from the room. Theodore turned his back to him, infuriated. He didn’t see Kreacher grab his precious gold watch as the house elf left.

Revenge, in Kreacher’s opinion, was sweet.
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